Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe (2013)

CARBARN | Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe (2013) | We have to rethink the design of the Phantom as a popular, classical music. Ian Cameron Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Design Director As a musical inspiration, Rolls-Royce Phantom continues to delight audiences. Usual melody - classic design signals that can be traced through generations model - brought to life by the orchestra of employees who work in the home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, where attention to detail that delights every car the best. Almost ten years from the launch of the design team responsible for creating a modern work remains in Rolls-Royce. And Director of Design Ian Cameron, updating classic of the 21st century will begin with a priority: harmonious, timeless design to embrace technology upgrading state-of-the-art.

Signature is a bar that is elegant and dramatic, capturing the elegance of simple elements that continue to light, a feature that complements the tail light design, Rolls-Royce. To balance and division, this integrated horizontally across the center of the four-compartment phantom light. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and Coupe now comes with a single piece grille surround, presenting a smooth, more contemporary front end that arches carved into the front wing, while the Phantom saloon has a new rear bumper that incorporates the height of polished stainless steel. Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase Saloon and the new front wing PR wear a badge with a repeat indicator, while three new wheel options, including painted, polished and polished parts, increase the range of 21 "wheels, the largest fitted as standard to any production car. "The result is a thoroughly modern, but they signal include traditional design.  Arguably the best place to experience luxury Phantom from Phantom Saloon rear seat where passengers - increased by 18 mm - presented with the aim of inspiring long sweep down and to the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet. Reduction in the number of flutes on the seat front and back, 5-3, giving a more modern complement to the natural grain leather luxury and flutes are also added to the Drophead Coupe and Coupe seats for Phantom Series II. Peace, Rolls-Royce interior is the perfect environment to relax and unwind in the quiet welcome.

Seven individual sound signal is processed specifically for the car and the internal conditions using a combination of speakers including Subwoofer placed in the resonance chambers of the floor space created by two Phantom.  At the touch of a button, Phantom elegant analog clock flips to reveal a new look control center.  New stylish chrome guards, discreetly hidden in the center console and rear-center arm located when not in use, flanked by key functions such as phone, menu, and navigation to allow easier access to infotainment functions. It can be programmed to present the desired information at a touch of chrome key, for example orientation preferred for satellite navigation maps, presenting favorite TV channels, radio stations pre-set or to access the phone menu Phantom. All the family Rolls-Royce Phantom cars now benefit from a better interface and interaction with wireless technology. Search restaurants, reserve a table, then driven to a location, for example, come courtesy of a better functionality and a new relationship between the Phantom navigation satellite system.  For Rolls-Royce Phantom II Series phone cradle has been replaced by smart phone standards should cradle that connects directly to car antennae. Rest center now also includes USB, Aux-in and 12V power socket Originally inspired by the Rolls-Royce engineering team, advanced aluminum spaceframe to maintain its position at the core of the Phantom, to serve as the basis for extraordinary as his ability to drive a car. Strong, lightweight and rigid as a Formula 1 car, spaceframe has been strengthened, with the addition of a bar clamp that enables a dynamic package that will be offered as an option for the Phantom Saloon for the first time. Rolls-Royce wedding Epitomising advanced technology with fine craftsmanship, each spaceframe is welded entirely hand, then finished as if it is a precision instrument. Precision may also be the best word to describe the way in which drivers put their cars through the Phantom corner. But, of course, the operation could not have come at the expense famous Rolls-Royce carpet ride magic.

Enhanced security benefits also exist with other systems that are controlled by Phantom ISIS (Intelligent Safety and Information System). Phantom convince complement of safety features changes to the front door pockets. Power reserve gauge Rolls-Royce Phantom is another signal trademarks of their Rolls-Royce design that always raises a smile. For Rolls-Royce Phantom II Series, Rolls-Royce has improved drive train incorporating new 8-speed automatic ZF-gearboxes for all variants. This electronically controlled to manage the incredible power delivered by the V12 power plant. The ratio of the longer in the new rear differential ratio shorter compensation in some new gear box 8-speed gear, keeping the same engine speed to increase the 'waftability', as well as improved fuel economy. Revenue calm authority.  Double wishbone front suspension complements the train driver, the display is optimized to reduce vibration stick through the steering wheel, while multi-link rear suspension complete with anti-lift and anti-dive technology help stability under heavy acceleration and braking.

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