Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG (2012)

CARBARN | Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG (2012) | The High-Tech M152 engine impresses with a combination of advanced technology that searches everywhere in the world like him. No other petrol engine has direct injection with a pressure of 2900 psi, spray-guided combustion and piezo injectors, all in conjunction with map-controlled cylinder shutdown, an all-aluminum crankcase with "spectacle" Hon, technology, four-valve engine with continuous camshaft adjustment, a high 12.6:1 compression ratio, a start / stop system and generator management - while revving to a top speed of more than 7,000 revolutions per minute. With a large displacement, naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine with cylinder deactivation solves the conflict between high power / torque delivery and low fuel consumption.

Perfect charging of the combustion chambers of large inlet and exhaust valves, is provided four per cylinder. The exhaust valves, the high thermal loads, are hollow and sodium-cooled. Four overhead camshafts operate 32 valves via low-maintenance and low-friction rocker arms. The variable camshaft adjustment within a range of 40 degrees on the intake and exhaust side adapts to the engine load and speed, resulting in high power and torque values. This ensures a constant idle speed at a low speed. AMG is the first time a new sports exhaust system with exhaust flap on each side. This technology solves the conflict between an emotional engine sound during spirited driving and a decent engine noise in the partial load range.

Each of the two rear muffler has a flap on a variable basis depending logiccontrolled is enabled on the driver's side power demand and engine speed. At low loads and speeds below 2,000 rpm, the valves remain closed. This causes the exhaust cover a longer distance and flow through an additional damping element so that the engine sound muffled pleasant and disturbing frequencies are suppressed so effectively - resulting in a soft tone, especially in the four-cylinder operation when cylinder deactivation active . The two-pipe AMG sports exhaust with two chromed twin tailpipes has a tube diameter of 2.56 inches from the manifolds to the pre-silencer.

Functional, stylish, high quality: the interior design of the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG is also reminiscent of its big brother, the SLS AMG Roadster. The AMG performance steering wheel with its flat top and bottom, also features metallic trim, and aluminum shift handle area finished in perforated leather. The AMG sports seats with improved lateral support and premium leather upholstery with AMG badges in the backrest and standard AIRSCARF necklevel heating system. The third variant is a world premiere - the panorama roof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL. This glass roof switches required to light or dark as the push of a button. A convenient alternative to the standard wind-stop is the new swivel AIRGUIDE wind-stop.

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