Mercedes-Benz M-Class (2012)

CARBARN | Mercedes-Benz M-Class (2012) | he third generation of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class combines the best of both worlds: the coveted SUV not only has a strong SUV heritage, but also of its passengers comfort benefits comparable to those of a premium sedan. Turned aluminum or high quality wood, finely detailed switch and do as well as exciting and powerful surfaces, harmonious lines help to create a high quality well-being in the interior for the driver and passengers. The instantly identifiable design concept of the interior combines an authentic SUV experience with a sense of well-being of a high quality Mercedes-Benz sedan. While an The modern Mercedes-Benz is the definition of suitable interior of an SUV as soon as the nice high seating position is accessed through the wide-opening doors. The spacious, bright interior offers more room than its predecessor (34 mm longer in the front, 25 mm more in the rear) and thus an improved sense of space and comfort. The automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS is the DIRECT SELECT DIRECT SELECT gear selector and DIRECT SELECT shift paddles on the steering wheel controls. The wide instrument panel is located behind the steering wheel.

Exciting land and powerful lines underline the car's sporty aspirations. The door and seat adjustment switches are involved with technical precision in the side trim. The door panels feature striking decorative stitching, with a separate, exclusive look at the sport package. The third-generation M-Class sets new standards in the SUV segment. The low fuel consumption and emissions model numbers are particularly impressive. Compared to its predecessor, the entire model range, consumes 25 percent less fuel on average. This kind of massive reduction in fuel consumption is unprecedented at any Mercedes-Benz SUV model changeover in the loop. As part of the POST-SAFE ® functions, the new M-class has a variety of systems that can help prevent post-accident hazards activate.

Upon detecting a collision, the central control unit switches from the fuel system, to reduce the risk of a possible fire. This reduces the risk of fuel leaks. To prevent fuel, all Mercedes-Benz M-Class models are fitted with cut-resistant fuel lines in all relevant locations.

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