Lotus Evora GTE (2012)


CARBARN | Lotus Evora GTE (2012) | Produce more than 444 PS 3.5l V6 engine in the Lotus Evora, the EWG is, quite simply, the road car the most powerful ever built Lotus. Yet unlike its roots extreme, the car Lotus Evora GTE route also offers a comfortable and refined element to its high-performance driving characteristics. Group Lotus can now announce that the production will be expanded on the car Lotus Evora GTE way to meet demand and reach other markets.

Carbon fiber was used for all body modifications, including bumpers front and rear, rear spoiler and doors. In addition to striking out, this is a superb, modern racing themed interior that provides occupants with both the thrill of racing car without compromising comfort. Leather and carbon fiber dominate the cabin and lightweight carbon fiber Recaro seats Cosset both the passenger and the driver gives a sense of security and comfort that this means that any driver of the Lotus Evora GTE can really go the distance as they take command of this extraordinary car. Commenting on the car Lotus Evora GTE road, Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said.

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