Hyundai i40 (2012)

CARBARN | Hyundai i40 (2012) | Hyundai i40 sedan represents the next evolution of language designer of Hyundai, "fluid sculpture. The words of key design concepts for the sedan Hyundai i40 are "modern flow" and "high quality wing," everything evolves from the philosophy of fluid sculpture.  We have used very strong, fluid lines from front to rear to give i40 a distinctive appearance," said Thomas Bürkle, chief designer for Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center. In the sculpture of a bass line, elongated roof, we have the Hyundai i40 sedan striking coupe-like silhouette" said Thomas Bürkle.


The Hyundai i40 sedan not only benefits from an attractive style, but also retains a high level of interior comfort, with a wheelbase measuring 2.77 meters and offers the best in its class, the dimensions of the head front (1,025 mm), shoulder (1,455 mm) and leg (1,170 mm) room.  While the exterior of the Hyundai i40 sedan features a fluid shape and distinctive appearance, the interior has been configured to provide functionality and comfort of the driver and passengers in a high quality package," concluded Thomas Bürkle.


In a segment where diesel models represent over 75% of total sales in Europe, Hyundai is anticipating that the 1.7-liter diesel engine that develops 136 hp engine is the most popular with private buyers and fleet. Overall, Hyundai expects a margin 65/35% between diesel and petrol i40 sales. Offers increased torque for more driving pleasure, fuel economy and low emissions and excellent NVH characteristics similar to engine multi-point fuel injection.


In terms of comfort and convenience, the i40 will be available with an electric parking brake, front seat air vent, heated rear seats and reclining, as well as new features for the segment as the self-defog system, and a flyer heated. The Hyundai i40 uses the latest technologies of active and passive safety to ensure maximum occupant protection. Active safety systems as standard in several countries, including ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ABS (antilock brakes), Hill Start Assist Control (to prevent rollback when starting on an incline), VSM (Stability Management Vehicle), Brake Assist system and the emergency stop signal.

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