Chrysler Upsilon (2012)

CARBARN | Chrysler Upsilon (2012) | The Chrysler benefits from Ypsilon some of the same cutting-engine technology, has transformed the Fiat Group Automobiles is one of the world's leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly transport. Three engines are available, two petrol and one diesel. All come with the Start & Stop system as standard and all are Euro-5 emissions standard. In TwinAir model, a semi-automatic five-speed gearbox can be specified.  All engines combine performance with economy to ensure that Chrysler Ypsilon is not only environmentally responsible, and so economical to operate, it is easy to drive.  This 1.2-liter eight-cylinder-valve unit has continuously variable valve timing to optimize the opening and closing the valves to ensure that the engine still feels peppy during operation at maximum efficiency.

The engine develops a healthy 102Nm of torque at 3000rpm, while power at 5500rpm a respectable 69bhp. And thanks to Start & Stop, the total fuel consumption is reduced by 5 percent, while CO2 emissions are an impressively low 115g/km. The other petrol engines in the new Ypsilon 2011 is the International Engine of the Year, the TwinAir. This combined Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) MultiAir revolutionary technology with a small capacity two-cylinder engine and turbocharger. The results are groundbreaking, what (tighten 145NM) the 875cc TwinAir more power (85 hp) and torque than the larger capacity 1.2-liter engine fire.  This system features electro-hydraulic valve control system that reduces fuel consumption by the air entering the engine through the intake valves, without gas. Allows air flow cylinders are managed by the cylinder, cycle by cycle, from phase to phase after the driver and therefore of the engine requirements. Through the consistent control of the combustion process, pumping losses of around 10 percent is to be optimized while the valve timing strategies to reduce emissions and increase through improved driveability throttle responses.

The third engine in the program is the lively 1.3-liter Multijet turbodiesel with 95bhp and 200Nm of torque at its 1500rpm for effortless low speed. This second-generation engine is equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger, a new engine with variable displacement oil pump and an alternator with 'smart charge'. Economy is enhanced not only by the location engine range. This leads to 1.9 per cent lower fuel consumption, Goodyear estimates a driver could save 12,500 liters of 30.6 miles. Each Chrysler Ypsilon comes with Start & Stop and a Gear Shift Indicator (GSI). The MacPherson front suspension uses a lower arm of the ultra-high-strength material produced, while a modular cross-member is made of plates of small thickness, high strength steel. In addition to improving comfort, it helps to dissipate crash energy through the car to secure the Ypsilon.  Finally, new bushes were designed for the front axle. These have a lower dynamic stiffness than before in order to maximize comfort on bumpy roads and reduce noise. A torsion axle is fitted at the rear.

High strength materials have been used in the Chrysler Ypsilon body. This energy absorption characteristics of the car improved in both front and side impacts, but also makes it easier to capitalize on fuel consumption. Another safety innovation in the new Ypsilon is concerned, the third load path. A frontal impact on these transfers crash energy to the lower, more resistant parts of the vehicle It was designed at the Fiat Safety Centre, and information was gathered from all kinds of accidents including front, rear and side impacts, rollovers, pile-ups and collisions with pedestrians.  There VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control (standard on cars and optional on SE and Limited versions), complete with ASR traction control and Hill Holder, and ABS anti-lock braking with electronic brake force distribution (EBD).  There are three-point seat belts in the rear cabin accommodation (two on rear seats-S version), so this is a realistic safe five-seater. Both front and rear seats are equipped with a stop anti-submarining system, the body slides under the seat and the front seats have an anti-whiplash system to reduce the risk of injury in rear-end collisions.  There is an almost unlimited combination of options to enable owners to personalize their Chrysler Ypsilon.

Even the entry-level S trim, which is only with the 1.2-liter engine is a very well-equipped small car. Standard features include height-adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows, 50/50 split rear seat, height-adjustable driver's seat, 15-inch wheels, premium fabric upholstery, and heated rear window, radio with CD and MP3 player, plus the full complement of safety kit. In addition, SE specification adds manual air conditioning, power mirrors, leather trimmed steering wheel and gearshift lever boot, and Castiglio upholstered in either gold or black urban romantic designs.  If owners want to customize their cars, there is a wide range of quality accessories available to complement the new Ypsilon the customized nature.

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