Chrysler Delta (2012)

CARBARN | Chrysler Delta (2012) | The Chrysler Delta has been developed to the level of the driver and passenger comfort on board, they offer a much larger, could expect much more expensive car. Unusually for this sector, the rear seat slides back and forth (not to restricted versions). It means users can request to increase space in the trunk, as if they have small children in the back seat, giving rear passengers or limousine levels of legroom. With the rear seats in their foremost position in the Chrysler Delta still offers a remarkable 930mm rear passengers legroom. With the rear seats in their foremost position, the boot offers 465 liters. Slide the rear seats not only do they sit back to back 25 degrees and offers passengers spectacular comfort options.  To restricted versions of the dashboard is covered with leather Poltrona Frau. The spectrum from the S-model is covered with premium cloth seats, while the SE versions, they are wrapped in tissue carbonyl 3D. These high-tech fabric has a three-dimensional effect, and contrast-colored Alcantara inserts.

Center console buttons are illuminated by a white light for quick and easy identification. The highly developed sense of the Delta cabin is very well thought-out details enhanced. Chrome versions are based on using the door handles, radio, climate controls and dashboard. The front seats on SE, SR and Limited models, the new Chrysler logo on the headrests. It is hard to beat not only in terms of comfort that the Chrysler-designed Delta. It comes with ABS anti-lock braking and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) to ensure maximum braking force is used in an emergency.

It is not only the Chrysler Delta generous level of the interior, which is the hallmark of an executive car. Its slim shape hides the nature of the major auto-trim levels that previously were not available to drivers buying a mid-sized family business hatchback. The Delta profited Chrysler by Fiat Powertrain  Technologies (FPT) experience in the design, development and construction of small but highly efficient, powerful, award-winning engines. Regardless of which choose one of two petrol and two diesel engines, buyers, they can be assured optimal fuel economy and impressive torque.  The second motor in the delta region is a more powerful 140bhp 1.4-liter petrol, which uses FPT award-winning MultiAir technology. MultiAir technology works by direct metering of air stroke-by-stroke, cylinder-by-cylinder through the intake valves, without gas.

By eliminating pumping losses, a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is not naturally aspirated engines and turobcharged achieved with MultiAir technology. Optimized valve control strategies during warm-up and internal exhaust gas recirculation (IEGR, realized by reopening the intake valves during the exhaust stroke) indicate that significant HC / CO and NOx reductions can be achieved. MultiAir technology combined so that engine to the excellent MPG exceed the 1.4 turbo-jet, achieving 49.6mpg (combined) with significantly higher BHP and torque values. 120bhp 1.6 Multijet The first diesel engine in the Chrysler Delta range is a 120bhp Multijet developed FPT available to customers purchasing Delta SE and SR versions, with a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission on SE versions. MultiJet is another ground-breaking development of FPT, which makes this latest form of eight injections per combustion cycle. The closure time in the injector is hydraulically balanced, has a larger diameter seal with reduced closing strokes. The shutter speed stroke has to be up to 20 um (microns), which allows the interval between two successive injections reduced drastically been reduced. This new mode is given as an injection injection rate shaping. The results will be noise, fuel consumption of 60.1mpg (combined) and reduced pollutant emissions reduced. When a customer selects the semi-automatic gearbox, the benefits of increased Multijet technology, with 61.4mpg (combined) and 120g/km CO2.  The most powerful engine in the Delta area is exclusively on the Delta Limited. 

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