Smart for-us Concept (2012)

CARBARN | Smart for-us Concept (2012) | Fresh from its win in last year's Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, Smart has unveiled a funky electric urban pickup concept at this week's 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The electric drive of the For-Us Concept is based on the electric drivetrain That will feature in the latest-generation Smart ForTwo Electric Drive due this spring.

In the For-Us Concept this zero-emission drivetrain will see the vehicle reach a top speed of 75 mph. Smart Suggests carrying a pair of electric bikes, so That any driver of the For-Us can also reach destinations out of bounds That are for cars - for example traffic-calmed zones in the city or isolated park trails.

While we do not expect Smart to launch a pickup models anytime soon, we can envisage the For-Us Concept's open-top design featuring on a sporty new roadster model.

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