Nissan Nismo Juke Concept (2012)

CARBARN | Nissan Nismo Juke Concept (2012) | Nissan is headed to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with the Juke Nismo - That a concept car offers a first glimpse of Nismo's future. The new Juke Concept Nismo will be distinguished by Nismo's signature colors - pearl white with red highlights - and an extreme body kit That not only offers a sportier look but improves the car's aerodynamics as well. The body kit includes revised bumpers in the front and rear, Wider fenders, side skirts and sill.

As the Concept shows, Nismo brings new levels of individuality to mainstream cars like Nissan Juke. The future for Nismo is to develop premium sports designs for an ever-widening range of customers," said Nismo President, Shoichi Miyatani.

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