Jeep Traildozer (2012)

CARBARN | Jeep Traildozer (2012) | To prepare the Jeep Wrangler Moab's toughest Traildozer for trails, Jeep Design worked closely with the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) engineering team. To clear the 37-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw radials mounted on Mopar Classic five-spoke wheels, an AEV Dualsport RS 3.5-inch suspension lift was installed. Additional items include a Mopar performance heat reduction hood, Mopar half-door kit and a Mopar / Warn 9.5 winch CTI. Jeep Wrangler Traildozer's interior includes an AEV 'F-1 "leather seat trim kit and Mopar slush mats.

Jeep Wrangler Apache (2012)

CARBARN | Jeep Wrangler Apache (2012) | Outturn has improved by Replacing the standard 6.4 liter V6 models HEMI V8.  Mopar also touch on the front axle and rear with Mopar Pro 60 5.13, 4.5-inch long arm lift kit Stage 3 and off-road rim of the beadlock. Later variants of the concept Jeep Wrangler with Traildozer name, and features a 6.4 liter HEMI V8 engine and 6 speed manual transmission is the same. Comes with Dozer Yellow exterior, tires and Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 37-inch, five-spoke rims Mopar Classic, 3.5 inch suspension lift kits and other accessories from Mopar.

Mitsubishi Mirage (2012)

CARBARN | Mitsubishi Mirage (2012) | At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi introduced an all-new Mirage. The new Mirage reflects Mitsubishi's new Greener direction. Rally-inspired all-wheel-drive performance has long since given way to concerns for lower carbon dioxide emissions. For the Mirage, Mitsubishi is targeting best-in-class fuel efficiency levels of 30 kilometers per liter, the which equates to a whopping 70 mpg or so.

To Achieve this Lofty goals, Mitsubishi went to great engineering lengths to Reduced weight and rolling resistance, while improving aerodynamics, braking and the powertrain. The engine is a diminutive 1.0-liter 3-cylinder equipped with MIVEC variable valve timing and auto stop / start. No wide, gummy tires here; the Mirage wears 165/65R-14 skinnies .

Peel P50 (2012)

CARBARN | Peel P50 (2012) | The world's smallest car is a Peel P50 with a length of just 1270 mm and 1041 mm wide and weighs only 59 kg which is created in the 1960s. The original Peel P50 is made on the Isle of Man from 1962 to 1965 by the Peel Engineering Company (PEC), is mikromobil three wheels with one door, one headlight and one cleaner (wiper) windshield. 49 cc engine is paired with 3-speed transmission. This car was designed by Cyril Cannel, business owners with their original PEC is a maker of fiber and motor boats or shield fairing for a motorcycle. Described, only 50 units produced the original Peel and then sold 199 pound sterling, or nearly USD 3 million.

PEC long disbanded in 1974. The new PEC replikas P50 produces a limited basis. Updates on the P50 offers electric motors. Nevertheless, 49 cc petrol engine versions remain. Gasoline engine used type 4-stroke produces 2.5 kW power and 4.2 Nm of torque paired with a CVT and claims fuel consumption of 50 km / liter. Latest Trident obtain the same driving source selection with P50 but 36 pounds heavier, reaching 99 kg. PEC made the same specifications with the original two cars, but the capsule form is more aerodynamic.

According to PEC, P50 and Trident replica road legal use in the UK and EU. Mikromobil is categorized as a three wheeled moped. In the United States are classified as motor-driven bicycle.

Audi A8 L Hybrid (2013)

CARBARN | Audi A8 L Hybrid (2013) | The exterior design of the large sedan is one of timeless elegance. The Audi A8 hybrid is 5:14 meters (16.86 ft) long; the long-wheelbase Audi A8 L hybrid is 13 centimeters (5.12 in) longer. The interior features sporty lines and lightweight, simple controls and a finish of handcrafted quality. The driver can read all key information about the hybrid drive on special displays. Audi offers a wide range of infotainment systems for the A8 hybrid. The Bose surround sound system is standard, with a high-end system from Bang & Olufsen available as an option. The optional navigation and infotainment systems MMI navigation with MMI touch includes a touchpad for entering letters and numbers. For the driver, the system delivers the services of Audi connect to the vehicle, Including up-to-the-minute traffic information online Audi.

The assistance and safety systems That Audi A8 offers in the hybrid are also state of the art. The Audi pre sense safety system is also standard basic. The Audi A8 hybrid will launch in Europe in May 2012. The standard-wheelbase version has a base price of € 77.700, while the long version lists for € 85.400. The Audi A8 hybrid is designed as a parallel hybrid - a straight-line concept with high efficiency. Its  The interplay Between the combustion engine and the electric motor briefly results in a peak system output of 180 kW (245 hp) and a maximum system torque of 480 Nm (354.03 lb ft). The Audi A8 hybrid combines the performance of a six-cylinder with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder model.

The Audi valvelift system (AVS) further increases power, torque and efficiency by switching the stroke of the exhaust valves Between two stages depending on the load and engine speed. The 2.0 TFSI has been overhauled in some respects for use in the Audi A8 hybrid.  With a weight of 1.870 kilograms Curb (4,122.64 lb), the Audi A8 hybrid is the lightest car in its class. The special technical features and equipment components for the hybrid drive just 130 Contribute kilograms (286.60 lb) of additional weight. Except for the B-pillars, where hot-shaped, ultra-high-strength steel is used, the luxury sedan's ASF (Audi Space Frame) body is made entirely of aluminum. The body of the Audi A8 L hybrid, the which is 13 centimeters (5.12 in) longer, weighs 241 kilograms (531.31 lb). The ASF body of the A8 hybrid, assigns a specific task to each material and each component.

The ASF body, for the which Audi received the Euro Car Body Award, the world's highest honor for innovative car body design, has other strengths as well. The Audi adaptive restraint system also stands guard in the cabin. A panoramic glass sunroof is available for the long version. The exterior of the Audi A8 hybrid has a cohesive, homogenous appearance. The luxury sedan is 5.137 millimeters (202.24 in) long, 1.949 millimeters (76.73 in) wide and 1.460 millimeters (57.48 in) tall; its wheelbase measures 2.992 millimeters (117.80 in). For the Audi A8 L hybrid, these figures are 5.267 millimeters (207.36 in) long, 1.949 millimeters (76.73 in) wide and 1.471 millimeters (57.91 in) tall. The single-frame radiator grille of the Audi A8 hybrid is three-dimensional and rich in detail. The standard LED headlights use light-emitting diodes for all lighting functions. The integrated high-beam assistant automatically switches Between the low-beam and high-beam headlights. The rear lights also feature sophisticated LED technology.

11 paint finishes are available, with Arctic Silver available as an exclusive option. The engine hood and key of the A8 also features a unique hybrid design. Audi has its own unique philosophy when it comes to luxury. The light, elegant interior design conveys the large sedan's athletic character.  The front seats feature 12-way electric adjustment. Audi also offers a number of seating options up to the comfort sport seats. The A8 hybrid Cleary has structured, intuitive ergonomics. The driver information system with 7-inch screen Important Concentrates all information and settings in a logical menu structure.  The standard three-zone automatic air conditioning enables quiet and low-draft indirect ventilation through a grate on the top of the instrument panel. The ambient lighting, another standard feature, is an overall artistic orchestration of LEDs, light guides and light strips. The driver can use the MMI control system to choose Between the make fine adjustments and to three different lighting scenarios.

Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline (2012)

CARBARN | Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline (2012) | The new 2012 Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline combines world-class ride and refinement with its 305 horsepower aluminum V6 Pentastar engine performance and track-tuned suspension to deliver a thrilling driving experience. Race-inspired feel with precision, Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline's paddle shifters are ergonomically located behind the thick-rimmed sporty three-spoke steering wheel for maximum Dodge control. And to deliver improved all around acceleration, the Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline replaces its 2.65:1 rear-axle ratio 3.06:1 for a more responsive unit.

Upping the ante, the Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline features the Super Sport Group as standard equipment and includes: performance-tuned suspension with 42 percent firmer front and 22 percent firmer rear monotube shocks. A larger 1:18-inch (30 mm) front and a 0.78-inch (20 mm) rear-Sway bar replace 1:06-inch (27 mm) and 0.62-inch (16 mm) bars, respectively and add to the Dodge Challenger's cornering capabilities . A performance-tuned steering calibration Quicker steering delivers 25 percent and 20 percent heavier on-center feel.

Making sure the Dodge Challenger Rallye Redline delivers world-class levels of stopping power, larger performance disc brakes replace the standard set. At the front, dual-piston front calipers replace single-piston units and larger 13.6-inch x 1:26 (345 x 28 mm) vented rotors replace 12.6 x 1.1-inch (320 x 28 mm) vented rotors. At the rear, 6.12 x 0.87-inch (320 x 22 mm) vented rotors replace 12.6 x 0.4-inch (320 x 10 mm) solid rotors.

Toyota iQ GRMN (2012)

CARBARN | Toyota iQ GRMN (2012) | Toyota officially announced it will manufacture the iQ GRMN (Gazoo Racing tuned by Meister Nurburgring) limited to only 100 units, as reported by inautonews, yesterday (03/26/2012).  Power became the biggest attraction at iQ GRMN. Weighing 860 kg car is going to receive power 128 PS with torque of 180 Nm (standard 98 PS, 123 Nm). Energy transfer system using the 6 speed manual with a gear ratio of the meeting. To provide optimal traction, the car body using a component part be modified aerokits, including front-rear bumper, body kit, front fender behind the more bloated, splitting the wind and the spoiler above.  Also decorate the sporty cockpit is crowded with racing-style components.  No information GRMN iQ price tag to date.






Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty MW3 (2012)

CARBARN | Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty MW3 (2012) | The 2012 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Call of Duty: MW3 Special Edition is based on the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Rubicon models and features wheels finished in semi-gloss black. Inspired by the most recent version of Activision's popular "Call of Duty" games, the new limited-edition Wrangler delivers legendary Jeep capability, aggressive 32-inch off-road tires, live axles with locking differentials in the front and rear, and a two -speed transfer case.

Interior appointments include model-specific seats with accent stitching black and Call of Duty logos, unique gauge cluster graphics, serialized dash plaque, dash grab handle with logo, accent stitching on arm rest, console lid, and steering wheel, Mopar Slush Mats with logo , and rear cargo mat with logos (Unlimited only). Chrysler Group's 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine - winner of the prestigious Ward's 10 Best Engines award - delivers 285 horsepower (209 kW) and 260 (353 N • m) lb.-ft. of torque, while delivering aspects up to 21 miles per gallon highway in the 2012 Jeep Wrangler.

Additionally, for refined and Greater shifting performance, the Jeep Wrangler migrates from a four-speed to a new five-speed automatic transmission. 2012 Jeep Wrangler interior highlights include a recently redesigned instrument panel and storage areas with improved ergonomics and upgraded materials. Heated, power mirrors are available, and drivers and passengers enjoy enhanced visibility courtesy of large rear windows.

Jeep Liberty Arctic (2012)

CARBARN | Jeep Liberty Arctic (2012) | Available on Liberty Sport 4x4 models, the Jeep Liberty Arctic shares many of the same features as the Wrangler Arctic. Available exterior colors are Winter Chill, Bright Silver, Bright White and Gray Mineral. Semi-gloss black 16-inch aluminum wheels with center caps painted semi-gloss black are wrapped in P235/70R16 OWL all-terrain tires. The interior features a similar black and Arctic Orange color scheme found in Wrangler. Power front seats are heated and feature an "Arctic" logo in the back seat.




Hyundai Elantra Coupe (2013)

CARBARN | Hyundai Elantra Coupe (2013) | Coupes, by Their nature, are a risky proposition. Hyundai is estimating the coupe will hit 40 mpg on the highway with the manual (39 with the automatic).  Because it uses the same architecture (unlike the Elantra GT hatch) as the Sedan, Coupe Elantra four-door shares the 106.3-inch wheelbase's, though the two-door is 0.4 inches longer. Surprisingly, the interior space Remains virtually the same, with the Coupe having slightly less hip room due to its sportier front buckets. Even cargo room and rear headroom REMAIN the same - 14.8 cubic feet and 37.1 inches, respectively.

Suspension settings are further tweaked on SE models, the which come with 17-inch wheels and lower-profile 215/45 tires instead of the 16-inch wheels and 205/55 tires Offered on the base GS. The Elantra Coupe also receives unique three color choices - Monaco White, Black Noir Pearl, and Volcanic Red. Visually, the Elantra Coupe looks much like the sedan. 

From the side, the elongated front door and small rear window conspire to make-the Coupe Elantra seem smaller than it really is. It's from the rear (or at least the rear three-quarter) where the Elantra Coupe looks the best and sportiest - thanks in no small part to the visible exhaust tips. It Remains to be seen how much of an impact the Coupe Elantra Elantra will have on total sales, but a variant Executed properly never hurt anybody.

Seat Ibiza (2013)

CARBARN | Seat Ibiza (2013) | At SEAT, sporting character is anchored firmly in the brand philosophy. With the three-door Ibiza SC, the company offers a model with a dynamic Distinctly incredibly neat design and dimensions (4.043 millimeters long and just 1.428 millimeters high). The Ibiza ST offers an extremely high level of functionality, without making any concessions in its design. Despite its sporty lines, the storage capacity behind the rear bench is generous at 430 litres. The fast version is to fold the rear seat back onto the bench; as of the Style equipment line, the rear bench is split 60:40. Loaded to the roof, the SEAT Ibiza ST then offers up to 1.164 litres of storage space. The maximum load capacity is 515 kilograms.

The standard equipment package for the Ibiza ST includes illumination and bag hooks in the luggage compartment. As an option, SEAT can deliver nets and additional box compartment under the tray for the load compartment. Depending on the engine version, the SEAT Ibiza ST can tow up to 1.200 kilograms (braked, on an 8 percent incline). The emotional power of the exterior design is also reflected in the interior of the new SEAT Ibiza with a Forceful but extremely minimalist and Cleary structured cockpit design. The feeling of exceptional quality, the high precision of the workmanship, the wide choice of colors and materials ranging all the way to fine leather upholstery serve to underscore SEAT's standards. The level of detail can be sensed throughout the new Ibiza - in the new three-spoke steering wheel, in the new control unit for the Climatronic, in the new paint surfaces.

With a generous storage volume of 10.7 litres, this unit now offers storage space for accessories and a lot more useful items than simply a pair of gloves. The seats in the SEAT Ibiza are ergonomically formed, with a sporty, low-slung mounting That position can also be positioned higher, According to preference. In the Ibiza FR, the exclusive sports seats have pronounced side cushions - Providing the body with exceptionally firm lateral grip. SEAT Ibiza FR in the the steering wheel has its own distinct and even sportier design. A manually controlled air conditioning unit is optional with the Reference line. For the Style and FR lines, SEAT offers the optionally fully automatic Climatronic system, the which shows the selected temperature in a large illuminated display.

In the Style and FR equipment lines, black leather upholstery is available as an option for the seats. The engine line-up for the new SEAT Ibiza is broad-ranging and consists of new-generation three and four-cylinder power units. The range of petrol units extends from the incredibly economical 1.2 liter with 44 kW (60 hp) to the energetic 1.4 TSI supercharger and turbocharger with. 110 kW (150 hp) and the standard-fit DSG transmission catapult the SEAT Ibiza to 100 km / h in just 7.6 seconds, and onwards to an impressive top speed of 212 km / h.

The 1.2 TDI CR makes do with just 3.8 litres/100 km (Right Hand Drive: 3.9 litres/100 km) and achieves excellent with 99 grams of CO2 emissions / km (Right Hand Drive: 102 grams / km). The 1.6 TDI CR, available with either an output of 66 kW (90 hp) or 77 kW (105 hp), also boasts exemplary fuel consumption at 4.2 litres/100 km (CO2 emissions - 109 grams / km) for the 66kW version and and 24g/km for the 4.7l 77kW. The sporty pinnacle of the diesel SEAT Ibiza line-up is marked by the 2.0 TDI CR with 105 kW (143 hp) - shared beween the Ibiza FR and Ibiza SC five-door FR.