Gumpert Tornante

CARBARN | Gumpert Tornante | Touring Superleggera has been a part of many memorable cars throughout its history. Because customers wanted more space for the passengers, designers had the challenge of adjusting the chassis to fit. To Make Those classic Gullwing doors fit and work more Effectively, the B-Pillar was moved towards the rear by 100mm.

By raising the windshield to a higher degree, the car has Begun to look like some race cars of the past. This Gives the effect of a bubble on top of a svelte powerful race car. By doing this interior space and visibility is Increased. Out back the Tornante is all business with an industrial sized water diffuser the which helps the car to increase of downforce significantly.

Dont expect to find leather and Alcantara seats racing lines or the most technologically advanced GPS system in the world the Gumpert is still a true performance car. However, the seats are fully adjustable, heated, and use 4-point seat-belts.  Keeping occupants safe will be the crash box in the front end system. This system and the high-strength chrome-molybdenum steel space frame will Provide added safety features over the Apollo.

More aspects from the Apollo will flow into the engine bay of the Tornante and include the V8 Biturbo engine. This engine starts life as an Audi block and then is completed by Gumpert to Produce 700hp @ 6.500 rpm and 663.7 lb-ft. of torque @ 4.000 rpm. Use of dry-sump lubrication helps to lower the center of gravity for the engine and the car in general. Helping translate this engine power to the wheels will be an automatic six-speed transmission. The twin-clutch setup will also be controlled by paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

The suspension system is similar to the Apollo Including That of its built-in design. The suspension can be finely tuned for optimum performance and translates all road condition to the double transverse control arm pushrods at the front and rear.

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