Edo Koenigsegg CCR

CARBARN | Edo Koenigsegg CCR | Since the V8 engine is being force-fed by twin superchargers, the main focus was on the setup of the two Rotrex units. With assistance from the manufacturer the drive ratio was modified and the ECU was remapped to accommodate the hardware changes. In order to Ensure long term reliability of the superchargers, the engine redline was lowered to 7.200 rpm. The transmission with its notchy gear changes received an overhaul as well.

The final result: full boost pressure from just 3.700 rpm all the way up to 6.000 rpm, reassuringly durable brakes, finely tuned directional stability beyond 300 km / h (186 mph) and a top speed That was slightly reduced from 390 km / h ( 242 mph) for phenomenal and significantly improved acceleration and drivability. For Safety Reasons a TPM system now informs the driver about tire pressures and temperatures.  the bottom line edo competition has succeeded in upgrading this extremely rare exotic with fine details without watering down its Distinctly unique character.



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