De Tomaso SLS (2012)

CARBARN | De Tomaso SLS (2012) | The last We heard of the legendary Italian marque De Tomaso, reports were the resource persons claiming That a former Fiat exec by the name of Gian Mario Rossignolo was Trying to Resurrect it and was seeking a production facility in Italy to build a new range of sports cars under the brand . The latest concept is Called the De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) and its lines were the resource persons penned by Pininfarina (note That Previously the concept was thought to be Called the SLC).

The rejuvenated De Tomaso Hopes to build up to 8.000 vehicles per year, 3.000 based on the SLS, another 3.000 2.000 coupes and sedan models.  Sadly, the SLS bears little resemblance to the legendary De Tomaso Pantera was built for more than two Decades, overalls and looks rather bland. Hopefully, by the time production ramps up the cars will from Stylized look a lot more. The 2011 Geneva Motor Show kicks off on March 1.

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