De Macross GT1 (2012)

CARBARN | De Macross GT1 (2012) | Canada's newest, or only, supercar is making its way to the production line and Attempting to ruffle the feathers of the big three and Smaller sports car manufacturers here in North America and abroad. The De Macross GT1 is a newly developed supercar designed by the founder of the company, Jahong Hur, and proves That if someone wants something bad enough; it's always possible. It's no secret That designing your own car and getting it to market is Difficult - That having the car be a formidable competitor to the most extreme machines on the planet is darn near impossible. Two of the Biggest names would be Shelby and Saleen. The Shelby race cars of yesterday were the resource persons so dominant That the great Enzo Ferrari did not even have an answer for Them.

That We Would not dispute some of the technology and working parts are used in this car highly evolved new ideas for road-going vehicles, but the exterior design is not. When We first saw a picture of this new car, We thought it was something more akin to a Factory Five kit car of the Ford GT40. Some parts of the design do differ from the Ford GT, but They still seem "borrowed" from other cars in racing's past. The rear end sports a very square shape with black horizontal slats much like a Ferrari Testarossa.

Combining the lightweight body and huge engine in this car is sure to Produce a soundtrack all its own as well. De Macross employed the help of Multimatic to Help Them incorporate technology into Their new F1 car. The aluminum monocoque tub That houses the interior of the car was designed and fabricated by Multimatic and They also helped to connect the front and rear substructures for the suspension and engine. The company was also Able to get the car safe enough to pass a global safety standards of FMVSS and EEC. The suspension system comes directly from the F1 and uses a Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSV) dampers.

By changing the spring damper and rocker motion ratio of the vehicle is Able to change the ride height and increase of the effective spring rate. This adds to the car being Able to handle at high speeds, ESPECIALLY over 200mph. De Macross Will also introduce what They are calling an industry first, a hydraulic anti-roll device on the GT1. De Macross states, "The overall on-road performance of the De Macross GT1 rivals will from any and all of the" supercars "built since the term was coined." For less money than any other supercar, the ZR1 Will snap the quarter mile in 11.2 seconds. So the GT1 can really deliver on its promises

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