Dartz Prombron Nagel

CARBARN | Dartz Prombron Nagel | Two of the most obscure companies in the auto world have collaborated on what's sure to go down as one of the strangest vehicles of the year, the Dartz Prombron Nagel by Gray Design. Gray Design, meanwhile, is a Swedish engineering and design firm known for creating luxurious yachts and customized beach cruisers. Now the two companies have created the Dartz Prombron Nagel, the which is described as the world's first armored Sportback and was designed to pull yachts.


The vehicle is to be launched in 2012 as part of the Centenary celebration of RussoBaltique.  It will share its platform with the current Dartz Prombron SUV but will feature a unique engine developing upwards of 2.000 horsepower.

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