Dartz Prombron Black Dragon (2012)

CARBARN | Dartz Prombron Black Dragon (2012) | Limited only to the Chinese market, the Prombron Black Dragon is as imposing and intimidating as its name sounds. Similar to what Rolls-Royce did when it built the Year of the Dragon Phantom, the Prombron Black Dragon is being built as an homage to the Chinese calendar.

As you can expect from Dartz, these guys know how to bling Their vehicles like nobody's business and the Prombron Black Dragon, with all the Scattered diamonds, rubies, and gold motifs, is yet another sparkling example of Dartz's affinity for fancy customizations.

According to Dartz, only 12 models of the Black Dragon Prombron are expected to be built with one model expected to fetch a ridiculous price tag of $ 7 million.

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