Ferrari Rossa

CARBARN | Ferrari Rossa | one of the cars released in 2000 was very victorious his day, a car bearing a red and her black horse is very well known people in those days. The following report The Pininfarina Designed Ferrari Rossa from the 2000 Turin Motor Show celebrated Pininfarina's 70 years in the business. The car was a concept built on the popular Ferrari 550 Maranello chassis, and the Rossa shares the same front engine rear drive layout. The Rossa, meaning red in Italian, was a prototype to test the viability of production of such a model. 

The Rossa shares similar styling features with a later Pininfarina concept, the Pininfarina Enjoy from 2004. The Rossa is an attractive Spartan concept car with a purposeful and aggressive design. The front of the car houses three intimidating air inlets above which vertical slit-like headlights sit, and in the center of the bonnet the partially exposed 485 bhp V-12 engine is clearly visible. The interior of the Rossa is functional and race inspired, with racing bucket seats and 4 point harnesses accommodating few luxuries. The driver and passenger are separated by a large center console and each have their own separate cocoon. The rear of the Rossa is short and clean displaying the teardrop taillights used on some of the later production Ferraris such as the Enzo, unsurprising as both cars were penned by the same Pininfarina designer, Ken Okuyama. The Rossa received the Concept Car of the Year Award in 2000.

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