Ferrari GG 50

 CARBARN | Ferrari GG50 | This car is a car Luxury A very Comfortable And also for its users, in addition to having this car also have the power Various Luxurious Amenities, following its report, as it is known as full name, F1 is required for the modification of certain considerations which allows for better performance and speed. F1 Ferrari GG 50 uses sixty-five degrees Configuration V12 naturally aspirated gasoline. This configuration can develop peak power up to 540 hp. This translates into approximately 94 hp per liter. Compression ratio in the F1 Ferrari GG 50 is 11.2 to 1. F1 Ferrari GG 50 using sequential automatic transmission odd mode.

F1 Ferrari GG 50 takes the form 2 2 car + super coupe. Most of the design cues were taken from the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Steering derived from the previous model F1 Ferrari. Some F1 Ferrari GG 50 unique parts, including dashboards, as well as satellite navigators known as AVIC X1R, made by Pioneer.

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