Toyota iQ EV (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Toyota iQ EV (2013) | A total of 3120 mm, the new Toyota iQ EV is only 135 mm longer than a normal IQ, sharing overall width of 1680 mm, height 1505 mm and 2000 mm between centers.  Based on the FT-EV III concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, the new iQ EV exterior has unique details and strong use of two colors, pearl white and black to create a simple and bold design immediately identifies the new Toyota already well advanced, all-electric urban evolution of the famous company. The door cover is positioned very front of the vehicle for easy loading wire within many scenarios municipal parking. The network includes daytime running lights (DRL) to build unique visual signature of the new Toyota EV. A new design of shiny black projector incorporates expansion slots lateral ventilation of the battery, while the interior boxes halogen lights is finished in black to further improve the visual differentiation of iQ EV.

On the side of the upper surface black two-tone color and B pillar collapsed highlight the aerodynamic profile of the new Toyota iQ EV, while new aluminum wheels with two-tone wheel caps give feedback identification only, all-electric vehicles. On the outside, the interior of the iQ EV is finished in a bold, high contrast black and white colors Toyota iQ EV controller has a single dashboard with a style Optitron meter to resemble electrical components, such as turbine and generator circuitry. It has a central speedometer with EV indicator light changes color associated with 3.5 "TFT (Thin Film Transistor), multi-information display, a compact, high-contrast LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and an indicator plug -in. Rowing boat, charge state, and through the system indicators EV status output / regeneration.

In addition, the screen can be changed through seven additional screens, media / Load instant energy after the energy consumption, equipment power consumption, driving range, average speed total / total driving time information provided by the parameters of the battery and EV. The new Toyota iQ EV compact city combines agility with zero tailpipe emissions and easy driving electric silent. Further development of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive ® iQ EV all-electric powertrain includes an air-cooled, 47 kW electric motor / generator, 150 cells, a 12.0 kWh, 277.5 V battery, 3 kW cooled to water battery charger, an inverter, a DC / DC converter and a mechanism for motor speed.

The differential motor / generator speed of the planetary gear mechanism and torque bias are all housed in a new ultra-compact EV-exclusive bridge, which combines a low center of gravity, with small energy losses in order to minimize energy consumption. The new Toyota EV generates zero CO2, NOx and particulate matter during his life. Complete hybrid vehicles like Toyota iQ EV is equipped with a braking system. The iQ EV gate shifter offers three pilot areas of practice: D-range control of the vehicle to consume less energy during city driving, S-range acceleration increases performance and sporty B -optimized range of regenerative braking to extend the driving range of the vehicle as far as possible. In addition to the extensive information provided by the system of indicators EV, ECO driving indicator is also provided to help drivers maximize the effectiveness of any new electric propulsion system Toyota EV.

The use of a battery charger is lit entrance under a discreet panel built into the front of the new Toyota iQ EV, the battery can be recharged in about three hours on a standard household 230V Support rapid charger special port is optional, allows the battery can be recharged to 80% in just 15 minutes, which improves the comfort of all days of the new Toyota EV. Two functions battery charger timer allows users to set the start and end time of the battery. Toyota engineers have been involved in an electric vehicle (EV) research and development for over 40 years, since 1971. Developed in parallel with exhaustive pioneering hybrid (HV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV), EV Toyota's long-term vision of sustainable mobility range.

EV development is key to the battery and the engine control system Toyota has created and developed through a broad program of technology hybrid vehicle. To date, Toyota has developed various types of EV, including two passengers and com-concept, an SUV - the RAV4 EV and several FT-EV concept cars. First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 1997, the e-com shared much of its technology and powertrain components with the highest EV RAV4 EV In 1995, Toyota was already focused on the development of a viable electric vehicle market. The RAV4 EV is one of the best golf cruise an electric vehicle in the world - more than 120 miles (200 km) on a single charge. Toyota iQ EV is a production version of the concept, which combines the advantages of the technology and design of the three models. Is the installation of a fully electric motor within a Toyota iQ package, which combines the latest agile city to conduct zero-emission compact, quiet and easy to pure electric vehicle for up to four passengers.
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