Suzuki S-Concept Cross (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Suzuki S-Concept Cross (2012) | Suzuki has established a reputation for producing cars that make life more exciting every day. The production model of the Suzuki Concept S-Cruz is one of the lowest vehicle CO2 emissions in the C. crossover segment since the launch of the Jimny (originally LJ Series) in 1970, Suzuki has expanded its range to include ATVs Vitara and Grand Vitara models, earning a reputation as a pioneer in the compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) . Meanwhile, Suzuki received an unprecedented experience in the Development of compact cars. In 2006, Suzuki joined advanced technology as SX4 sport crossover - a vehicle that offers a relaxing ride on the city and good performance in snow and bad roads. The Suzuki SX4 Crossover category created in Europe and has led its growth. Suzuki is a crossover pioneer. The new model announced by S Suzuki cross-scale input market C-crossover segment.

We also offer a high degree of practice, offers one of the largest areas in the trunk between the crossover segment C. Suzuki also ensure that the new crossover inherits handling and excellent performance in the series Swift, SX4 and Kizashi. The new model will offer the handling characteristics, including cakes, fuel economy driving more sporty driving and driving on snow. Suzuki will be completely embodies the vision of an intelligent crossover for greater freedom in everyday life.

Aerodynamics is expressed by a line of sloping ceiling down and back through the soft contours on the sides of the front bumper, the lower part of the doors and sides of the rear bumper. Crossover hardness is expressed by a tight cover plate flared arches and courage into strips, and 20-inch wheels in chrome.
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