Mercedes-Benz B-Class Concept Electric Drive (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Mercedes-Benz B-Class Concept Electric Drive (2012) | For a series of concept car offers a look at what. In the near future Provided quiet and output power at local level without emissions of 100 kW electric motor. At the maximum speed to 150 km / h, capacity high-performance lithium-ion battery provides more limited 200 km without local emissions. Mercedes-Benz B-Class electric drive concept can with a battery load any standard household power outlet for quick charge function 230 is also included, which allows the energy to 100 km in less than an hour will be charged equipped. While the vehicle is in motion, bringing the electrical unit alone on a positive energy balance converting the kinetic energy into electrical current in deceleration mode and deceleration and provide energy to the battery (battery regeneration).

Power lithium-ion battery on board the Mercedes-Benz B-Class concept electric unit is secure and compact in the so-called "space energy" located under the rear of the vehicle. As for the appearance, the various Mercedes-Benz B-Class concept car Electric Drive show for the series production of the B-Class models in many details. Special reflective blue underline the influence of external Class B status of the Concept electric as locally zero-emission electric vehicles. The range of instruments has been extended to specific functions electric vehicle. Soft Nappa prevails inside the vehicle, including steering wheel, seats, door center panels, armrests and dashboard that is carefully circumscribed trademark turquoise blue stitching. Passengers are finished in crystal black, white and gray. Perforated panels seat and backrest conform show car is sporty, agile nature.

Headrest also electrically powered sports logo. Advanced technology ensures that the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Concept electric unit not only sustainable, but also fully networked and online. Remote configuration and control of the vehicle is on the side of the vehicle as possible. The driver has access to your vehicle in line with their PC or smartphone. Range of services is completed first option offers single time conditioning. Another feature is the intelligent charging.

Mercedes-Benz is using the same high safety standards of Mercedes-Benz B-Class electric concept car that apply to all other vehicles in the series MB brand. Very high safety standards of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class offers a starting point.  

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