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Car Barn Sport | Audi S3 (2014) | The long stroke of the 2.0 TFSI Audi S3 has been developed from scratch. Rated power at 5500 rpm, 221 kW (300 hp), and the red lines of the number of revolutions of the engine 6800. The Audi S3 delivers impressive performance. The powerful four-cylinder engine with two balancer shafts rotate at twice the speed of the motor to the extraordinary sweetness. An electromechanical drive her to the wall gives the engine sound for life in the cab. The exhaust system also contains a section that a certain number of motor opens the sound sporty sound S3. It complements the FSI gasoline direct injection at partial load to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. On the exhaust side, the Audi valvelift system varies the valve lift in two stages, the camshaft of the inlet side is adjustable by crank 30 degrees angle 60 degrees while setting located on the output side. The compression ratio of 9.3:1 is unusually high for a turbo charged engine.

To reach a maximum pressure of 1.2 bar for a motor response more spontaneous. A cooling device in the circuit water high performance integrated reduces the air temperature and increases the amount of air necessary for combustion. 2.0 TFSI with innovative thermal system, two blocks are grouped into one module for controlling the flow of coolant. Pistons with stronger pins and rings and bars new reinforced with new power transfer media for the motor shaft. The yoke is made of a new particularly lightweight aluminum-silicon, characterized by a high strength and resistance to high temperatures. An innovative coating the piston skirts and balance shafts mounted on bearings to maintain low friction. Controlled oil pump does not consume as much energy as is needed for the driving situation.

Despite the complexity and high performance, the new 2.0 TFSI weighs only 148 kilograms (326.28 pounds) - more than five kilograms (11.02 pounds) less than the previous engine. Compact size: 603 mm (23.74 inches), 678 mm (26.29 cm) wide and 664 mm (26.14 inches) in height. The new Audi S3 comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission with a lightweight magnesium body. The optional S tronic delivers high performance and high speed sixth. Low gears are short in the interest of dynamics, as is the case with the manual gearbox. Electronics S consists of two subunits, two multi-plate clutches for speed control. The large outer clutch K1 sends torque via a solid shaft of the gears for gears 1, 3 and 5. A hollow shaft rotates around the solid shaft.

For example, when the driver accelerates in third, fourth gear is in second elements transmission part. quattro permanent all-wheel drive is part of the powertrain. The heart of the system is a clutch of four electronically controlled and hydraulically operated. In normal driving, the clutch controls the main part of the engine power to the front wheels. The new Audi S3 offers dynamic driving characteristics of a sports car. Responds to the guide precise input and spontaneous and takes many turns at high speed and movements of the body of small size. One reason for this performance is the balanced distribution of the axle loads. The front axle has been moved 52 millimeters (2.05 inches) than the previous model. The auxiliary frame, the bearing pin of the front axle McPherson, the system of collision, the front fenders and the aluminum lid.

For the driver, this technology combines character pleasantly smooth when driving in a straight line with a very spontaneous response when cornering. The powerful electric motor provides the impetus servo fits perfectly with the character of the steering system, which reduces its speed increases production. It consumes no energy when driving straight and reduces the fuel consumption of 0.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Progressive Management works closely with the various systems on board the new S3, the recommendation remains as standard and optional Audi lane assistant Active Park Assist systems. The rear arm has a width of four tracks of 1 511 mm (59.49 inches).  The compounds of the rear axle are made of steels, the wheel supports of aluminum. Sports suspension lowers the body 25 millimeters (0.98 inches) than the A3.

The new Audi S3 wheels rolls on 7.5 J x 18 with tires 225/40-series league. Wheel specifications Design Sport S five parallel rays. They are produced with advanced technology of types of electric current, in which the outer edge is held on a cylinder at high pressure and high temperature. Although the system is shaping the design of the circles, also strengthens the material that allows thin - the wheel is lighter, yet stronger. Despite their dynamic tire has low rolling resistance and thus contribute to the efficiency of the Audi S3. The brakes of the new Audi S3 very accurately measured. The brake discs are internally ventilated and measure 340 mm (13.39 inches) in diameter. The new electromechanical parking brake, the driver operates via a button integrated in the rear axle braking. The latest evolution of the electronic stability control ESC is very precise. Audi drive select is standard in the new Audi S3.

Single-mode (available with MMI radio or higher), motorists can have their own desired profile within certain limits.Efficiency mode, the function of air conditioner deluxe cruise control or automatic adaptive cruise control and adaptive light tuned for optimum fuel economy. A synthetic hydrocarbon oil with microscopically small magnetic particles circulates inside the main piston. The control unit constantly monitors road conditions and driving style, the more times the adjustment of the damping forces within milliseconds. The driver can choose between three modes. Ultra lightweight construction is a crucial skill for Audi. Compared to its predecessor, the curb weight has been reduced by 60 kg (132.28 pounds). Thank you so hot high-tech steels, the body in white is in itself a weight gain of 28 kg (61.73 pounds) than the previous model. Aluminum parts great in the front part of the car around the concept of lightweight construction.

Acoustic windscreen as standard. The new Audi S3 4254 mm (13.96 ft) long, 1,777 millimeters (5.83 ft) wide and 1435 mm (4.71 m) tall. The new Audi S3 has a solid management and sports. Audi offers a xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights are standard. Plane rear lights, where the light is integrated adaptive braking, are also equipped with light-emitting diodes. The Audi adaptive xenon base running light curvesTen high-power LEDs matt aluminum finish to the bar. According to the features selected, the headlights come on automatically and the LED cornering lights illuminate tight spots. Intercity highways and tourist attraction round light on the functions of lighting comfort.

The rear bumper has been redesigned. The platinum gray diffuser with four tailpipes oval chrome tailpipes of each sport. A roof spoiler generates support the rear axle. S badges adorn the single-frame grille and rear. The sporty design exterior extends inwards. The large air intakes around, stylish control panel for the air conditioning and inlays in matt brushed aluminum or black eyes offer sophisticated 3D accents. The controls are clear and intuitive, as in every Audi. The boot capacity is 365 liters (12.89 cubic feet), which can be up to 1,100 liters (38.85 cubic feet) can be increased by turning over the rear seat. The multifunction leather sports steering wheel option has been redesigned with a flat bottom hem. In models with S tronic, but also gearshift aluminum look. Pedals and footrest are made of brushed aluminum. Sports seats with removable cushions are new. Audi also offers optional S sports seats with integrated headrests and diamond quilting. The interior of the Audi S3, including the headliner, is black with contrasting stitching. Select Audi design in two colors red / black parade is optional.

S logos adorn the door sill strips, steering wheel, gear lever / selector and tools. The dual-zone automatic climate control and storage are in standard packaging Audi S3. If desired, Audi S3 new team with all the revolutionary mobile solutions help infotainment and driver available for your model. Audi has a range of infotainment components of the new services, topped by MMI navigation plus with MMI touch to use. The Audi Phone Box connects mobile phones to the vehicle in an appropriate manner, and the audio system from Bang & Olufsen hi-fi pleasure, with LED light guides that the woofers in the doors to highlight. Assistance systems for the Audi S3 directly from format. The range starts with the adaptive cruise control, which, combined with the security system Audi pre sense front door the car to a stop, regardless of the speed is below 30 km / h (18.64 mph), and continues until the Audi side assist, Audi lane assist and active camera-based panel recognition to facilitate parking. The Audi S3 arrive in dealerships in early 2013.
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