Nissan TeRRA Concept (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Nissan TeRRA Concept (2012) | We have our inspiration from the lifestyle of young customers in Northern Europe," said Shiro Nakamura, Nissan President and Deputy Director of Creation. Wearing sharp Short overhangs and light sculptures on a clean, self-confident attitude. The door leaf is a mixture of acrylic carved wood paneling and blonde color set in an interesting pattern. The sound level at shoulder height is a metal frame, the occupants Terra Nissan concept enables a sense of security. Contrast wood / metal remains on the dashboard exudes a fusion beech acrylic, the heat. On the driver side, the control console and instrument tapers gently towards the driver, barely interrupt the clean lines of the dashboard.

Docks driver he entered the car and remove when you leave. When docked in Terra Nissan concept default view shows the speed of the tablet, and other indicators. But the driver can easily switch to entertainment, communication, navigation and other views. The diagonal arrangement allows all passengers, the vision of adventure to share before. Fold the three seats down and you notice that the bridge cabin Terra Nissan concept is completely flat with no obstacles for bicycles, kayaks or owner self-assembly furniture from Scandinavia. Although Terra Nissan concept is presented as a concept, not a technical issue is their draft 4x4 fuel cell electric drive is far from imaginary.

Turning the front wheels of the electric drive system is currently starring in the Nissan LEAF. In each rear wheel, all the feed wheels has ended, is mounted in a wheel of an electric motor, as shown on the basis of the concepts in three successive PIVO prototypes. Since This allows the platform and the car flat bodypan below. Under the hood is a large room for Nissan's hydrogen fuel cell battery holder: a flat, very compact with a power density of 2.5 kW world leader / L.

Terra is a pure concept car, but he said that Nissan ready mass production of electric vehicles powered by fuel cells is generally available each time.

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