MINI John Cooper Works GP (2013)


Car Barn Sport | MINI John Cooper Works GP (2013) | MINI John Cooper Works GP is the latest incarnation of a racing heritage, which has more than 50 years ago, when the legendary sports car designer John Cooper has a version of the classic Mini, developed the ultimate fun to drive an expensive car. Modern MINI continues this tradition: built John Cooper Works products and models with their close links with the British premium small car, continues to be a synonym for top motorsport engineering. The most impressive was the embodiment of today, does a shared passion for racing in 2006 MINI Cooper S with John Cooper GP Tuning Kit. MINI John Cooper Works GP is another striking example of the proven principle of the production of natural DNA MINI racing to a new level by points with a whole line of the track being recorded.

React force and an excellent ability to promote MINI John Cooper Works 1.6-liter SE four-cylinder engine, is reflected in a dazzling performance. Striking torque gives the MINI John Cooper Works GP 0 to 100 km / h (62 miles / h) time of 6.3 seconds. The turbo engine also offers a high efficiency. MINI John Cooper Works GP exclusive chassis technology, is based on the race track. Damper installed in the front head tube bearing fails to increase the longitudinal and lateral stiffness. Increased front collapse compared with the usual MINI John Cooper Works, so the potential of sport performance tires - which significantly from the road tires - can be used at full strength, with no penalty early understeer, which inevitably lead to increased tire wear.

At the same time, reduce the convergence improves maneuverability and confidence. Outstanding braking performance MINI John Cooper Works GP racing received sports brake system with six-piston fixed callipers disc brakes, ventilated at the front. The front brake discs 330 mm in diameter and 25 mm thick, with 280 x 10 mm discs at the rear axle. Lightweight 17-inch alloy wheels, again exclusively for the MINI John Cooper Works GP, working on high-traction 215/40 R17 tires Sports. 7.5 x 17 H2 ET45 wheels that were developed for the MINI John Cooper Works GP, are derived from the MINI Challenge race car and have formed a light contour on the flow properties of wheels. On the MINI John Cooper Works GP DSC Dynamic Stability Control is not compatible with the DTC, as is normally the case, but with a special mode of GP racing.

EDLC braking software wheel on the inside of the curve, and driving performance that could be lost in this wheel will be transferred to the outside wheel, which forces more contact. With its outstanding and unique appearance MINI John Cooper Works GP is going forward on its executive right of the word. John Cooper Works brands on the lower air intakes and rear door. Standard Specification MINI John Cooper Works GP includes Xenon headlights in black mussels, fog lights, solar control glazing, air conditioning, DSC mode with specific GP and Sport button.

A rear diffuser with underbody panels and a roof edge spoiler reduces lift on the rear axle by 90 percent, for proper monitoring of treatment even at high cornering speeds and when driving on or near the border. Six percent less fuel and clothing in a higher top speed resist. Airflow around the front of the carriage is extended with a large spoiler and a full aerodynamic shield lower engine compartment. This screen reduces aerodynamic drag not only, and lift the front axle, but also improves the flow of air through the engine compartment. Exciting car racing feeling rises another notch on the inside atmosphere of partly because of lack of rear seat, fully meet the needs of the driver and the "navigator", both the performance of the MINI John Cooper Works GP to enjoy full Recaro sport seats with special emphasis line GP.

John Cooper Works thick rimmed leather steering wheel and shift knob with chrome ring and a red shift of the chart to help give the driver a more direct feel for the car. MINI John Cooper Works GP £ 28,790 in the UK, cost.
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