Nissan Almera (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Nissan Almera (2013) | Nissan Almera Classic is a four-door, five-seat sedan with a timeless design with transparent body Nissan DNA. In the front, the familiar broad Nissan four-bar chrome grille - as door handles - to highlight the image quality. But with the attention to detail that has helped the new Almera chrome anti-corrosion technology, developed by Nissan. Four wide-opening doors allow easy access to the interior is notably higher than class rivals. Besides offering more space than its rivals, with 500 liters of luggage capacity Nissan Almera is one of the largest of its kind.

A handle mounted on the deck: the trunk closed without ever approaching dirt out of the car. Nissan Almera is 4656 mm from end to end and has the longest wheelbase in the class, a full 2,700 mm. An integral part of Nissan Almera ability to resist local conditions to the chassis. Improves chassis Almera has a strong front strut suspension, combined with a live rear axle. A front anti-roll bar improves handling, while the bar, rear axle and coil springs in all a very comfortable ride Allied offers inherent power to ensure that the car can withstand the conditions harden.

The result is a car that offers industry leading comfort and handling while to endure the harsh winters and the needs and requirements of customers in Russia. Another test of the durability of Nissan Almera found under the car. Covered extra protection against bad roads, the bottom of the engine compartment with a steel sheet of 2 mm thick, while potentially vulnerable brake and fuel lines under the car running, are also covered by a plate steel.

Can also be found in the car is a small, but highly effective spoiler improves the aerodynamics of the car for better stability at high speeds. Power comes from a different source trusted and reliable Nissan 1.6-liter, 16-valve petrol engine tested 75 kW (102hp) and 145 Nm of torque for competitive performance and economy. Nissan Micra is available with a five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic.

The typical buyer parent Nissan Almera in regional cities. Nissan Almera is an introduction to the Nissan brand and Nissan ownership experience and will be used for work during the week and weekend trips to the family dacha. The new Nissan Micra is an important vehicle for Nissan and an important tool for Russia. An elegant and space segment D, but in a price segment B and job creation in the production and supply chain, Nissan to invest in the country's future.
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