Vauxhall Adam (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Vauxhall Adam (2013) | A 1.2 liter 70 hp and two 1.4-liter 87hp engine or 100HP, or: will be offered with a choice of three ecoFLEX efficient four-cylinder petrol engines Vauxhall beginning of ADAM. Unique in the segment A-Vauxhall ADAM is developed, the new top-of-the-range infotainment system, new media sources, including Bluetooth connectivity and smart phone with Android or Apple's support IOS software. This allows access to Internet-based applications, including GPS navigation.

Vauxhall ADAM is very innovative in the A segment, as we found the technology usually only in high end cars. The system automatically steers the parking space, with the driver only needs to check the clutch, brake and transmission. As with all Vauxhall, ADAM uses the latest security technology. On board are two types of ISOFIX seats easily fixed to the bending bench 50:50 rear.

Despite its compact dimensions of just 3.7 meters long and 1.72 meters in width is relatively large footprint of Adam Opel, with front and rear tracks of 1485 and 1478 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2,311 mm. The front suspension is Mac Pherson strut, with a compound crank rear axle. Wheel sizes range from 16 - to 18-inch, and the cars that are specified with 17 - or 18-inch wheels are standard with lowered sports suspension.  Vauxhall ADAM will be available after its official debut at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, with the first cars to reach customers in the United Kingdom in January 2013.
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