QBEAK (2012)


Car Barn Sport | QBEAK (2012) | More and more small businesses to make electric cars. The concept that they are no less interesting than the world's largest producers of Denan deliver a prototype electric car. An example is ECOmove Horsens, Denmark, with a product called QBEAK. The concept is to provide a car for the size, urban, very compact and flexible. Because the driver in the middle of the front. Although lihtium battery module consisting of 6 - mounted on the floor - it can also be easily removed. Although not mentioning the nature of the material used, ensuring ECOmove, QBEAK body will not rust or corrosion. Furthermore, light and reused. Body and chassis weighs just 425 kg (without batteries).

Each battery module Production total power 28.2 kW or 4.7 kW. Referred to as the cost of the vehicle perawartan cheaper than half of the fossil fuel car  the same size. Understandable, because electric cars do not need an oil change and filter, fuel filter and air and others. According to the development of communication technology today, some of these cars work to regulate the use of smartphone ECOmove.

Therefore, the application used to lock, remote control (remote control) and car communication. It complements QBREAK as today's young people are avid digital devices. "Another advantage, Radius turntable is small, easy to circumvent and skillful maneuver.

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