Kia Quoris (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Kia Quoris (2012) | Back to Kia to produce luxury sedans, limousines, this time the name is Quoris, which will be sold on world markets in the fourth quarter of 2012. Quoris combination of words into" core "of English (basic) and the" quality "(quality), which means that this car is the technology strength, quality and high Elegant and Exclusive.

The dimensions are fairly large, length 5,090 mm, width 1900 mm, height 1,490 mm wheelbase and 3045 mm. Kia Design Chief Peter Schreyer describes the launch event last May, K9 designs offer something simple yet elegant and well proportioned. Kia offers two different sizes and power of the engine, each 3.3-liter V6, 300 hp and 333 hp 3.8-liter engine is paired with 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver power to the rear wheels.

Car's performance can be tailored to different paths.Quoris take the edge active safety features that have never had before, such as chip speed controller (ASCC), "said Ki-Chang Kang, Senior Vice President Kia's Namyang R & D Center. If Stop car long time, then the control returns to the driver.

ASCC In addition, it is also advanced vehicle safety management (AVSM) who are getting married in a couple of characteristics of safety car, as stability control (ESC), PRE-SAFE belt (PSB) and alarm systems anymore. In the third place, the indicator of safety belts in the indicator panel meters at all times. Other material, LCD Thin Film Transistor (TFT) 12.3-inch, two 9.2-inch monitor for rear-speaker Lexicon 0.17 (Harman).
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