Ford Transit Custom (2013)


Car Barn Sport | Ford Transit Custom (2013) | The all-new Ford Transit user immediately announced his arrival with a dramatic new look that is the first time on all new commercial, share design features with the latest Ford kinetic design family cars. Sports Car position and a more dynamic character of a new powerful punch. Many old customers to identify transit" shark fin "signature kick-line in the windshield, which is reflected in the back of the body. Ford's designers were determined to ensure that the new procedure is not only beautiful but also practical.Interior of Ford Transit stylish and modern habit of taking a more expressive form language is the latest Ford kinetic design cars. We really wanted to give the interior of cars, and driver-oriented atmosphere, with the characteristic sculptural forms and bold graphics that are important elements of kinetic design. In addition to the more stylish design, the interior designed by a strict emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, to ensure that the cabin materials in a typical combination of longevity and durability of the bushing with a more premium car look.

Comfort for the driver Ford Transit Custom significantly increased by the high seating position of the variable, which takes more trips - including more than 30 mm rear suspension for tall drivers - and the addition of the steering wheel adjustable for reach and rake. Steering itself is more vertical, cars like the angle. The front seats are brand new and are designed to give excellent all-day comfort, better regulation and more cars looking to offer. Taxi driver has an improved design with improved ergonomics, developed by the same man-machine interface approach as the last car Ford passenger. The driving position of the bridge team feel with excellent visibility - Ford Transit user has the largest area of the windshield away from a car in its class.

The all-new Ford Transit user brings a new level of dynamics in the one ton class, which car ride and handling with excellent stability and control combined, and when it is loaded and unloaded. To this new level of appeal for the driver to reach the famous Ford Vehicle Dynamics team has the same pleasure from the CD of the DNA, which was the main feature of Ford passenger, and applied to the new vehicle. We wanted our customers the same van with confidence, it is easy to feel the station used by drivers of Ford," said Philip Castro, CV dynamics manager, Ford of Europe. To improve comfort during long days of driving a Ford Transit is designed to provide significantly improved driving performance to deliver an improved flexibility, reduced stiffness of the shocks and vibrations, but also better control of body movements.

Suspension - front MacPherson struts with variable springs and rear leaf springs - has been substantially extended with a soft springs (up to 30 percent decrease), increased stroke front suspension, optimized suspension bushes, and the gas pressure shock absorbers that are part determine the strategy for Ford passenger . The performance suspension based on the Ford Transit users are much more rigid body structure - with a torsional stiffness increased by 37 percent, depending on the version - as a new vehicle hydraulic engine mounts, which helps to prevent to get rid of the interior.

The all-new Ford Transit will help a user-tonner customers struggling with the stress of everyday car with a full set of advanced driver assistance functions that are common with the Ford passenger cars. With the latest driver awareness technologies such as Lane Keeping alert and warning system driver, the practical possibilities for the maneuver of the city, including cornering lights and reversing camera, Ford Transit has its own custom features to help drivers busy to stay relaxed and safe driving. "Ford's latest car, the new Focus, is an unprecedented number of features technology," said Dr. Torsten Wei, head of the driver aids, Ford of Europe. "With the transit system, we offer many of the innovations that allow commercial customers to take advantage of the car increasing confidence and comfort when traveling.The all-new Ford Transit Custom offers the lowest operating costs in its class.

Lower whole life costs are a high priority in vehicle design and development, key initiatives, including innovative measures to the actual fuel consumption, minimize maintenance and repair times, 12-year-old anti-perforation warranty, and the longest service intervals in the classroom. We have worked hard to create a custom design to transport, so that his whole life costs as little as possible.Ford Transit is designed to cover the costs necessary for routine and non-standard services through smart design and optimization of the need for regular maintenance to minimize. With the longest service intervals in the classroom - two years / 50,000 km/30, 000 miles - Ford Transit Designed to so little time to spend as far away as possible.

The motor design is optimized to the need of a quick service and reduces the power available to more mineral oil lubricants. For both the accident repair costs and insurance of vehicles to minimize, designers and engineers from Ford paid much attention to protecting the car from the typical low-speed impact of the city.Mirrors integrated turn signal relay in the mounting arm, and not in the mirror, so if the outside mirror is broken, the indicator is not a part needs replacing. Ford Transit known for its popularity on the used car market, resulting in a strong residual value for their owners. Ford Transit Custom also comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty, all major elements of the bottom is made of zinc plated steel.

Part of the process to identify potential real problems include the input of experienced engineers, Ford, many of whom have clients with a Ford Transit box worked for 20 years and can identify cases where similar engineering design led to the long life and quality problems in the past, and able to provide alternative solutions. In parallel with the test of strength in equal measure punishments "stress test", including driving a vehicle during the abnormally high curbs / potholes at high speeds. Ford Transit users should be rigid enough to withstand the tests, even when fully laden.

Examples of components testing involves testing the door hit the front door to go through an intensive non-stop mode, 250 000 cycles of the helmet, which is three times more than similar penalties test cars Ford. The all-new Ford Transit is working on the last user of the global Ford 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel engine delivers excellent fuel economy with excellent handling and refinement. Designed with a full tank of fuel economy, Ford's ECOnetic technology, including Auto Start-Stop vehicles on stage V, the fuel consumption of the Ford Transit users also been improved by a number of measures to optimize around the vehicle.  Transit benefits from the latest 2.2-liter diesel from Ford, and we have a further improvement of the customers even greater fuel efficiency and refinement," said Ian Jenks, Duratorq engine is a program manager, Ford of Europe. "The car has a fuel-saving technologies, with Auto-Start-Stop, a new feature to the gear check, to help keep fuel costs to a minimum. All Ford Transit with an efficient customs and durable that a six-speed manual transmission and front wheel drive system.


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