Ford Mustang GT (2015)

Car Barn Sport | Ford Mustang GT (2015) | The name of this car is probably well suited Iconic America, all eyes were instantly drawn, and the key to the next, because the Ford Mustang in 2014 to serve as a model in 2015, and is the perfect time to the 50-year celebrate the pony car celebration. Now we must find out whether we have the style of the Mustang to admire. Predictably, the body as sculpture and design of retro references so that part of the heart beat fast me his soul GT500


In defense of her faithful customers, Ford, that he wants a home run, so expect a number of known signals, in combination with a more futuristic look after the recording of the kinetic design language. To give an idea of ​​the speculative, since the next Mustang will look like, I have a visualization in which the latest developments of the language of the existing production models and concept, Ford. For example, the radiation doors scollops deep and lush hips behind a subtle allusion to the GT40.

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