BMW 3-series from Kelleners Sport (2012)


Car Barn Sport | BMW 3-series from Kelleners Sport (2012) | Kelleners Sport launches new packaging for the new generation of BMW 3-Series through. There are some changes which are more sporty aero kit includes front lip spoiler, side spoiler and rear spoiler, alloy wheels while the group from its own 19 - or 20-inch long gray titanium alloys, aesthetics updated to show a little more elegant and also very suitable for the younger generation. 320d offers enough power to satisfy the lovers of sports car with the performance of 184HP (135kW/181hp) (160kW/215hp) to 218PS, and for the 328i setting of 245 HP (180 kW/241hp) in 294PS (216kW/290 hp) .



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