Aspid GT-21 (2012)


Car Barn Sport | Aspid GT-21 (2012) | This is the first image of a sports car GT-21 ASPID Invictus, the second car from the original Spanish car manufacturer. and the Aspid has a sub-3.0sec 0-62 mph time and has a top speed higher than 187 mph.know? following his reviewInvictus The GT-21 uses a 450bhp BMW V8 GT for guiding light.

The design of the frame used in Super Sports Aspid will be employed. That platform weights 80kg. Second creation of the design features very similar to the Aspid Aspid Super Sport and GT is the first to be designed with a layout of semi-open wheels. The car makes extensive use of aerospace-grade aluminum and composite materials and enginneered to allow customers to customize the car to suit your driving style.

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