MINI Rocketman Concept (2012)


CARBARN | MINI Rocketman Concept (2012) | The new version of the MINI Concept Car looks Reaffirming its commitment to the British roots of the brand. The new MINI Rocketman Concept is a British heritage on his sleeve, especially in its outer and inner colors and subtle with extremely high quality materials and stylish details. Colors of the British Union Jack flag, come to the fore on both sides of the car and accompany the red and white accents, the dominant blue. A 18-inch alloy wheels are white field and red metallic accents polished. Matt porcelain white color is also used to cover the mirror boot knife and surrounds for grille and headlights. The lattice structure - is the symbol of the MINI may be read as an "eye magnet" are called, because of his red white and metallic paint and contrasting surround. Red tape emphasizes the path of the distinctive MINI diagonal connection between the wheel arches and doors at the bottom of the rack. This is particularly clunky look at the concept car, a feature also makes the doors. 

The new MINI Rocketman Concept, transparent surface of the roof of the red-painted metal band around. Union Jack under the direction of the color scheme is also widespread and stylish effect in the new edition of the MINI Concept Rocketman. The interior exudes a sporty atmosphere, while the intricate details to emphasize the link car in London. Inner door panels and rear side panels are finished in dark blue nubuck leather, and the familiar MINI elliptical rings doors provide an effective contrast with the white skin. Exposed to carbon elements in the interior accentuate the high-tech character of the MINI Concept Rocketman and his coloring. A mixture of the seat of blue nubuck leather with innovative textile fibers. A darker shade of blue safety seats, while the thin red and white stripes extra flourishes. New design MINI Rocketman Concept also shows his competitive spirit, Brit-chic style, and see the extravagant details of a complex series of accessories for the interior. 

Charm for a new concept car, now comes in the form of rocket dressed in a British national flag. Others are in the interior of a bag at the front passenger seat, which consists used for the same rubberized material for the seat cushions and cockpit sports a three-dimensional design. The new edition of the MINI Concept Rocketman reduced undoubtedly and unmistakably MINI UK figures. MINI Rocketman Concept captures the imagination with its innovative technology so that all their ingredients, it must lie on an irresistible combination of driving pleasure and stability. 

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