Volvo V40 (2013)

CARBARN | Volvo V40 (2013) | The new Volvo V40 offers class-leading driving dynamics, thanks to the attention focused on a number of vital areas. The chassis is designed to create agile experience, combined with offering genuine driving pleasure. This focus on the driver, it is what all modern Volvo," says Stefan Jacoby. The new Volvo V40 has an excellent safety and driver assistance systems package, including novel pedestrian detection Volvo Car Corporation, with automatic brake and a few other new features.

The new features are a world first pedestrian airbag helps to manage a pilot cars touch and ingenious Park Assist, which makes parallel parking. City Safety low speed collision prevention system has been developed and now operates at speeds up to 50 km / h "The new Volvo V40 model is intelligent and certainly so far. All functions are designed around the driver, so you always up carefully and well, to avoid collisions and dangerous situations," says Håkan Abrahamsson, Line Manager Automotive C and V40 Vehicle Program Manager.


Volvo Car Corporation expects to sell 90,000 units per year of the new Volvo V40. The car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show March 2012. The car will be built at Volvo Car Corporation plant in Ghent, Belgium.

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