Volkswagen Golf GTI Convertible (2013)

CARBARN | Volkswagen Golf GTI Convertible (2013) | Like all the GTI, the convertible bond with a sports chassis, which is for 22 mm at the front and rear suspension lowered by 15 mm provided. At the rear provides a suspension of innovative multi-link rear suspension that ESP seldom needs to be enabled. Is also extremely durable braking system. GTI as the hardtop, the convertible version has improved the XDS electronic differential lock as standard equipment in traction and handling characteristics. Technically speaking, XDS is a functional extension of the integrated electronic differential lock (EDL) in the ESP of the car. The driver experiences this directly through significant improvements in comfort and driving dynamics. In "Sport" mode is set to match the dynamic steering. Although Volkswagen employs a fabric roof for the Golf GTI Cabrio, the sporty four-seater is to become one of the quietest convertibles available. Mounting between the longitudinal frame of the upper connecting a total of four arches of the roof cross member said roof front curve (the first element of great transversely behind the edge of the windshield). 

When the roof is retracted, the upper surface of the arc of the front roof part, the upper surface of the storage container roof. Results: The standard fully automatic electrohydraulic soft top opens quickly, because it will not cover additional, tilted upward. The electro-hydraulic automatic cover opens and closes in 9.0 seconds to 11.0 seconds. Opening and closing the hood of the Golf GTI Cabriolet is covered by a system of electro-mechanical locking. In order to ensure a good view behind the car window at the top of the heated rear window, be especially large for a convertible. Attached just like the classic Golf GTI with a steel roof, the new Convertible also displays visual cues of the GTI. At the front, they form the framework of the red honeycomb radiator grille and signature GTI, the structure of the honeycomb air intakes below the front bumper surrounds GTI and GTI-specific fog lights with chrome. Side and side extensions 17 inch wheels for Denver "alloy (in 225/45 tires) for the GTI into a convertible. Of course, this 18-inch wheels" are Detroit "GTI with 225/40 tires are available as options.

The visual highlight of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet is the fact that there is an even more dynamic look than the Golf GTI with a permanent steel roof, which already has a car that will have to be a very lively style. The convertible option with bi-xenon makes it particularly dominant impression that incorporate twin headlights and daytime running lights consisting of 15 LEDs. nside the Cabriolet GTI sport seats in fabric tartan classic "Jacky" has moved. The GTI logo is worked into the top of the backrest. Leather seats are optional (Leather Cool 'Vienna'). As in GIT with a steel roof, the VW GTI Cabriolet course has pedals with brushed stainless steel caps, a GTI gearshift lever in aluminum look and a leather steering wheel with grip recesses and GTI emblem. Of course, the steering wheel, gearshift lever cover has leather upholstery and decorative red seams parking brake, the inner lining of the hood black and covers the completion of the roof pillars. The trim on the doors and instrument panels to design a "black box" GTI-specific, so black, high gloss accents in metallic look. Also standard: automatic climate control system and audio system RCD 210 By default, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabrio also has a handy feature for easy entry front seats, making it easier to enter for the rear passengers and leave the vehicle. A rollover protection system is included in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet as a standard safety feature. 

The system of the two roles more modules consist of an aluminum profile and a fixed-mobile aluminum profile inside which is biased. Although the system for protection against overturning Volkswagen was able to implement a fee pass with a width of 526 mm and a height of 381 mm in the VW Golf GTI convertible with a folding backrest. The Volkswagen Golf GTI Convertible offers maximum all-round thanks to its security system against rollover, a protect-reinforced windscreen structure and many other structural modifications (underbody, side panels, beams, doors). Due to its numerous reinforcements, the GTI also open-air displays extreme torsional stiffness. Some of these reinforcements are visible when the convertible can be seen from below, as if the convertible and a golf "normal" side by side on a raised platform.

Protection systems on the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet completed by reinforcements in the doors and standard front and side airbags, head-thorax airbags. The head-thorax airbags in the sides of the backrest integrated for use by the driver and passengers over the entire interior height Cabriolet VW Golf GTI. A standard knee airbag has been integrated into the driver's side.

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