Porsche Panamera Diesel (2012)

CARBARN | Porsche Panamera Diesel (2012) | The three-liter six-cylinder engine under the hood of the Porsche Panamera Diesel is the state of the art in diesel technology turbocharger Auto Start / Stop, common rail direct injection via piezo valve with a pressure of 2000 bar, which employs a system electrical controlled variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), and emission control achieved by the catalytic oxidation of exhaust gas recirculation control, and the particulate filter. This has three advantages: The injection pressure is virtually free selectable on the injection pressure characteristic map allows high formation of the mixture and the optimum injection timing pre-, main injections and powders may be designed to be very flexible .

The Porsche Panamera Diesel part up to five injections per working cycle is planned, depending on the operating point: At the low duty cycle the motor speed is initiated by two pre-injections, the main injection amount is followed by two post-injection . This concept combines a combustion process smoother low emission. The sophisticated exhaust system ensures that the current limits of the Euro 5 standards are met comfortably. The subsequent supply of inert gas makes the peak combustion temperature to be reduced, thereby reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides. A cooler in the recirculation loop exhaust gas provides greater reduction of combustion temperature and also that an increased amount of exhaust gas can be recirculated Quan.

Downstream of the turbocharger, the exhaust gases pass through the oxidation catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter (DPF) and quiet. The extent to which the filter is clogged with soot particles is calculated by two types of blocking the pre-programmed engine control system. Model obstruction is provided by the flow resistance in the DPF, calculated using the sensor signals of the pressure of the exhaust gas temperature sensor and exhaust air mass meter. A distinction is made between passive regeneration of the catalytically coated particulate filter (without involving the system of motor control) and active feedback (which implies the control system of the engine).

The comfort seats with eight way adjustment power seat height, seat and backrest angle and fore / aft adjustment included in the standard. Driver and front passenger heated or heating for the four seats available, if desired. Like other models, the Porsche Panamera Diesel has two areas of automatic climate control as standard with independent temperature control and air distribution for the driver and front passenger. Four areas of automatic climate control is available as an option. Also available as an option for the Panamera V6 models and options are known personal equipment such as front and rear entrance ParkAssist, and Porsche Drive or adaptive cruise control.

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