Lexus RX 450h (2013)

CARBARN | Lexus RX 450h (2013) | The new Lexus RX range is characterized by a bold treatment, in front of elegant and highly individual and will be adopted throughout the brand to strengthen the identity of the family ranges from Lexus models. Located on an upper floor from the grid, a Lexus just have a new clear lens assembly design incorporates a choice of halogen projector high intensity discharge (HID) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlamps. The current choice of 18 "or 19" aluminum wheels is expanded with the addition of a new design of the wheels 19 "alloy wheels, and four new colors are available off-Satin Gold, Burgundy Red, Midnight Blue and Sienna Brown, bringing the choice of 10 colors available in total.


Further expand the appeal of 'crossover' the spacious cockpit, luxurious and technologically advanced dual-zone, the new RX interior features a choice of color combinations, new finishes in good condition, a wheel, a new instrument panel and a second revised Generation Remote Touch interface (RTI). Add to the choice of interior color combinations available, Saddle Tan, and F-SPORT exclusive designs and White Black Grey Ivory join the existing black and gray line-up. The choice of finishing pads also increased, luxury and classic dark gray walnut board completed with the addition of modern eye, bird, dark gray and silver finish F-SPORT exclusive.


Your profile variable allows a relaxed grip and turns soft. Wood Finishing Wheels are now available with heated board. The driver's instrument binnacle versions RX 450h is equipped with a new indicator of the hybrid system design features clearly delineated, Eco-Office, and feeding grounds. New ambient lighting changes based on these driving conditions and driving mode selected. Will terminate if the needle enters the feed zone. In Sport mode, the ambient light remains red all the time. The range of new model RX is equipped with a second ring of generation of remote interface (RTI).  F Sport versions of the new RX is immediately recognizable by the aggressive front design very unique style. The front bumper that incorporates larger than a vertical section lower than the 'axis' of the grid structure of the family Lexus.


Incorporating a full-width spoiler, aerodynamic stability for high speed high, home of the ends of the lower bumper, fog burned deeply recessed. Upper and lower grilles feature a sporty mesh design SPORT F-specific. In profile, the F Sport models can be identified by a unique alloy wheels 19 "and the front wing colored badging SPORT F. F Sport models further benefit side of the damper system performance, which is designed to absorb and minimize unwanted vibrations of the body, providing a linear feel more and contribute to driving comfort. Instead of the conventional fixed support, the system has a supply shock connects the front suspension towers left and right front and a rear bumper that connects the left and right sides of the rear lower back panel. With a construction similar to a typical monotube suspension damper, the damper front and rear series of different performance depending on the variations in the rigidity of the body noise, vibration and its surroundings, improving its ability to absorb torsion of the body, and bending vibrations thin.


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