Kia K9 (2013)

CARBARN | Kia K9 (2013) | Korean market model, K9, which will complete the internal market, cars, Kia's "K" series, front-wheel drive, the members of the K5 (Optima in overseas markets) and K7 (cadenza in foreign markets) are among the sedan. Kia has recently released a new type of K9 external graphics, provides a solid form, and in the future, a complex and unique charisma of its design concept, the "high tech luxury sedan" provides a picture of. Kia K9 design echoes in his hood with a massive grille, bold "high-tech luxury car" style LED lights to bring his family to view, continuity is the latest evolution of Kia design DNA.


K9 all the elegant simplicity, the surface of a simple balance scale," Kia chief design officer Peter Schreyer says. "Class long wheelbase, the distance of the status, the large wheels, short overhangs and vertical light K9 Sports, Sports, and a large rear-wheel drive vehicle, the amount of premium for the company to provide the ultimate place to work in harmony is a wide shoulder line. Sung - Nam Lee, Overseas Marketing Group Director, said K9 sedan is a significant part of the quality and value to a new level of performance and new technologies are driving, K9 design, no compromise design of our first rear-drive large sedan ", and its design to surprise the world, our brand Kia In another display of power.  All new Kia's leading luxury saloon, Kia K9 Kia has a whole new part of the introduction of the global automotive market, and went to Korea.

The total length of 3045 mm and wheelbase of 5090 mm and the rear passenger seat next to Kia K9 provides a liberal. Creates a spacious cabin environment, respectively, 1900 mm and 1490 mm wide, and,. The original 3.8 liter GDI engine update Kia K9 334 PS 290 PS Lambda V6 3,8 - liter MPI, based on the way to the global entry in 2013 will be available in some overseas markets. Each K9 eight - speed automatic transmission comes with all new Kia.  The first rear-wheel drive Kia's sedan K9.

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