BMW X1 (2013)

CARBARN | BMW X1 (2013) | Detailed understanding of the new headlight design a car in the light of modern technology. Scheme allows it to work and a strong wheel arches BMW X1 contours of the character line extending from the front side window graphics, car continues to rise to the posterior side is a typical indicator of Swage Line. Side direction indicators are now being added, but pronounced side skirts are designed for exterior mirrors, BMW X models, the sign of the brain. Changes in the internal design of the new BMW X1 offers a premium for advanced flexibility and a feeling of sports car driving pleasure also create a vibrant display. The new BMW X1 comes in a box in the center dashboard. Vehicles are equipped with an optional navigation system, the iDrive operating system, the Central Administration home screen. More than any competitor, the new BMW X1 of the engine is a wide choice of investment, and BMW Sport offers three petrol and diesel engine management solutions for the sign is composed of five.

VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and intake and exhaust sides (double VANOS) variable camshaft control on both entry-level 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the device BMW X1 sDrive18i. EU test cycle, average fuel consumption for 100 kilometers (36.7 miles per gallon IMP) and kilometers per 7.7 liters per 180 grams of CO2 emissions. BMW Twin Power Turbo technology, twin - scroll turbochargers, High Precision Direct Injection Diesel, VALVETRONIC and double-VANOS package comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel with two other models. Engine Power BMW X1 sDrive20i and the BMW X1 xDrive20i 135 kW/184 hp and provides a high voltage, from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mi / h) 7,4 (BMW X1 sDrive20i) and 7.8 seconds (BMW X1 xDrive20i) to the accelerator so that the 270 nm, the maximum torque. (BMW X1 sDrive20i) and 7.5 to 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers (37.7 - 36.7 - average fuel consumption of 7.1 (39.8 miles per gallon IMP 40.9), respectively, 6.9 liters of CO2 figures are 162 165 g / km and 176 to 179 g / km , (data, depending on the size of the tires, based on the EU test cycle), which are IMP gallons per mile) (BMW X1 xDrive20i) with.

Top-of-the-range engine, the BMW X1 xDrive28i 180 kW/245 hp to 350 nm and 6.1 seconds, zero to 100 km / h (62 mi / h), from speed. Are179 to 182 grams per kilometer of CO2 emissions, and (depending on the size of the tires) - the EU cycle, fuel consumption 7.8 to 7.7 liters per 100 kilometers (36.2 miles per gallon 36.7 IMP) is. The production of four-cylinder diesel engine, the new BMW X1 is available in five levels, and provides the option of two variants BMW TwinPower Turbo technology package. All aluminum crankcase, using the electromagnetic characteristics of a variable geometry inlet and a common - rail direct - injection injector, turbocharger with the BMW X1 sDrive16d, BMW X1 sDrive18d, BMW X1 xDrive18d, BMW X1 sDrive20d, BMW X1 xDrive20d and the 2.0-liter power units BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics hancikegondive version of the model. The new entry-level diesel model BMW X1 sDrive16d, an output of 85 kW/116 hp and 260 Newton - meter maximum torque.

135 kW/184 hp and 380 nm, with the result of an increase in torque, BMW X1 sDrive20d and 7.8 and 8.1 seconds respectively, the standard short-term to achieve BMW X1 xDrive20d. 4.9 liter (57.6 miles per gallon IMP) and 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers and BMW X1 sDrive20d (51.4 miles for 129 grams of the EU combined test cycle, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures are a result of driving pleasure, BMW X1 kilometers per MPG IMP) and 145 g Login BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics version xDrive20d even more impressive when the relationship between lust and deposit. EU test cycle of 8.3 seconds and average fuel consumption through the Sprint 100 kilometers (62.8 miles per gallon IMP) and kilometers per 4.5 liters per 119 grams of CO2 emissions. The line of diesel engines is the new top model and the BMW X1 xDrive25d. Deliver 160 kW/218 hp and 450 Newton - meter maximum torque, engine strain is more boost. EU test cycle, average fuel consumption for 100 kilometers (47.9 miles per gallon IMP) and kilometers per 5.9 liters per 154 grams of CO2 emissions.

 Kit for climate control, power adjustable heated exterior mirrors, fog lights, LED tail lights, chrome exhaust finishers, elastic straps to the front door pockets, a leather-lined steering wheel, CD player, trip computer and audio system, connect to the aux - includes five speakers, and in two-line display of computer data, telephone numbers and titles of music tracks. BMW ConnectedDrive, meanwhile, comfort, safety and a wide range of options to optimize the car infotainment functions. The new BMW X1 is also an automatic driving lights control and rain sensor, including an assistant to a higher source. Meanwhile, the brake function, cruise control, engine management and brakes, but the preselected speed selection mechanism is controlled by the driver to perform the optional automatic transmission only. BMW, along with other actions, the global unique mobility services, assist, and automatic vehicle location have been identified in an automated telephone information / enhanced emergency call.

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