BMW Concept Coupé Zagato (2012)


CARBARN | BMW Concept Coupé Zagato (2012) | The two partners decided to take a realistic approach and the development of the BMW Coupe Zagato. "Zagato has always drive his clients with ready-to-cars that can be sent without further delay in action on the track or road race, provided - and the BMW Coupé Zagato fits the same model," said Andrea Zagato, the represents third generation of his family to sit at the head of the company. The challenge is to inject the emotionality of a concept car in a street-legal car. And we think that we managed to do just that with the BMW Coupé Zagato is." In fact, the new creation already cut a "beautiful figure" at high speed during the tests on the BMW test track. It is a fact Marella Rivolta, Andrea Zagato, Zagato is an art director and head of the BMW Coupe Zagato surfaces and colors. The hands of the Italian designers were also responsible for the attractive appearance of the BMW 3200 Michelotti Vignale (1959), BMW 700 (1959), BMW 3200 CS Bertone (1962) and the BMW M1 (1978) - each of which preserves the quality of design icons against each other. The Zagato Coupé BMW heralds a new chapter in the tradition of collaboration between BMW and Italian designers.

Building the collaboration with Zagato was a fantastic experience. It was very rewarding for us to do something with people who share our understanding of good design and a passion for cars," said Karim Habib, Head of BMW Automobile Design. Open and constructive dialogue with Zagato, the sensual experience, skill and incomparable forms All these gifts are wrapped in BMW Coupé Zagato". The body of the BMW Coupe Zagato was built completely by hand. Zagato experts spent many hours working in an aluminum plate by hand and carefully make to the car's unique shape. From the perspective of the BMW Coupe Zagato shows the distribution of lives at the bottom, solid visual mass, for it is known Zagato, mixed with the surface treatment and familiar design language of BMW. Its design, a new coupe roofline, the car's potential with impressive fluidity and dynamic swing lifts required. The rear section is nearly perpendicular to the other cue Zagato, the cut improves the aerodynamics. The attractive interaction of the lines here draws attention to the rear wheels and rear wheel drive configuration. Among the side air intakes, the silver "Z" is another allusion to the collaboration between BMW and Zagato.

The two S "z" in the vents and BMW are the distinctive elements in polished chrome only on the BMW Coupé Zagato. Another feature of Zagato design theme is especially transition "back and forth" from the side windows in the rear window. The lower portion of the lateral window surrounds substantially tilts upwards just before the rear end and extends around the upper edge of the rear window to form. In this way ensures that connection distinctive design element of the sides and rear of the C-pillar and a harmonious relationship between the different sections of the car. This aspect of the design BMW Coupe Zagato is most apparent when seen from above. The distinctive tail provides the strongest evidence for the influence of Zagato. Taken together, the rear of the BMW Coupe Zagato a very broad and deep set phenomenon, her powerful, robust and functional design language give the car a planted on the road.

A curved bar with the trademark Zagato divides the area into sections and give the car a greater impression of width. The tinted rear window can be opened, allowing access to the rear trunk.  One prominent rear bumper feeds down into a large loudspeaker. Matt edge accentuates the shape of the speaker, draws attention to the wheels, and indicates the location of the planted BMW Coupé Zagato.  This character has been hit by designer Zagato, and given further emphasis by a unique color and material concept. High-quality materials and high-quality details give a very elegant way to present sporty interior and driver focus. A "Z" embroidered in the seats of reference is the clearest on the inside to the origins of the BMW Coupe Zagato. The "horizontal line" design theme has found its way into the trunk, and two shades of gray and red accents. Two exclusive accessories: a bag, hat, and a travel bag - the seal on the color Zagato and update the materials. The travel bag also creates the shape of the double bubble roof and was designed to keep its rounded lines, even if it is empty.

Founded in 1919 by Ugo Zagato, Zagato, today is the only automobile manufacturer in the body is still independently owned and operated. From its earliest days, Zagato a minimalist approach and comparison of down taken his creations, much in line with the tradition of the Milan design. The "essential beauty" of aerodynamics and lightweight construction has come to a maximum design that has defined the shape of each Zagato defensible. The narrow focus on two-door coupe driving cars reduced to its essential components, also has a tradition of Zagato will be on the basis of experience "wild" ride.

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