BMW 750Li (2013)


CARBARN | BMW 750Li (2013) | Ahead, the long hood and the big BMW 7-Series offers a sleek profile and expressive. The precise contours of the hood to draw attention to the upright BMW kidney for prolonged new front grille. The large air inlet dominates the overall width of the bottom of the front apron modified is now divided into three sections, a pair of bars chromium marking their outer sections and adding more detail the appearance of the sports car. The design technology air curtain, which is a good strategy for advertising BMW Efficient Dynamics. Hallmark BMW proportions, as a long wheelbase, short front overhang, long hood, sweeping and set-back cabin with coupe-like roof, set the profile, sporty and elegant BMW 7 Series.

The back of the powerful BMW 7 Series conveys a sense of reliability sports. The horizontal lines and to the subdivision of the rear visually different levels reduces the height of the car. The design of the family trademark L-shaped rear light, connected by a strip of chromium surprisingly remains unchanged. A second, delicately sculpted chrome strip draws a visual connection between the two reflectors in thin rear bumper and rear gives a more unique sound and overall feel. Another subtle chrome bar between four escutcheons chrome exhaust in the rear bumper has a distinctive feature of the flagship model of 12 cylinders. The exceptional quality of construction BMW 7 Series reflects the attention to detail from the creators of the car, and tests on specific craftsmanship is amazing. A feature typical of BMW interior is driver adamant his attention - the way they gravitate ergonomically to the person behind the wheel. In the new 7 Series, which includes the addition of newly designed, thinner front seats that offer the best possible ergonomics excellent lateral support and comfort over long distances. Sports seats and the seats are also available multi-function instead of the standard elements.

The new BMW 7-Series can be specified as an option with rear seats that can be tailored to meet individual needs. The controls are identical to the front seats with memory function. The long version of the BMW 7 Series offers the ideal platform to maximize comfort on long distances. A special feature of the BMW 7 Series is the display of the multifunctional tool, which makes its debut on the list of options. Instead of the instrument panel traditional - in which four circular analogue dials keep the driver informed of the vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel level, oil temperature, almost perfectly integrated 10.25 inch screen provides a completely new consciously and engaging looks inspired by the latest electronic devices. Although the familiar format of four circular instruments are kept here, extended black panel technology, the driver's hands a new range of display options. For example, the display shows different information and different colors and moods worlds COMFORT, SPORT and PRO ECO driving experience, ensuring greater safety and efficiency and demonstration of exemplary attention of drivers. The displayed information adapted to the driving mode is currently involved, and therefore changes accordingly. 

While COMFORT mode offers a classic layout, with four circular instruments sound, sport ECO PRO rings and open to provide additional space for additional information between the two instruments. ECO PRO mode the screen turns blue and becomes a tachometer Efficient Dynamics view to show the efficiency of the car is in motion. In SPORT mode, the display lights up orange signature BMW. The speedometer indicates the speed of the car in digital form with a figure, a large central position, while the gear is currently displayed in the middle boldly tachometer if the driver is moving manually using the paddlewheel. The V12 engine with BMW Twin Power Turbo, direct injection and continuously variable control chamber is the culmination of the range BMW 7-Series engine - no change there. To avoid neck injuries after a collision behind the front seats have headrests as standard crash-activated, which are controlled by security. In the case of a collision, the system responds by causing the front of the head restraint to shoot forward by 60 mm and up to a maximum of 40 mm. The main functions of the health system have been described in detail in the chapter on BMW Connected Drive, but the most striking features of injury prevention: the full-LED headlamp with new anti-reflective, high-beam assistant, who are making their debut BMW 7-Series, including adaptive headlights cornering lights and variable light distribution, active protection system to the attention of the assistant with a feature of eCall automatic vehicles and more to limit the risk of collision, adaptive brake lights.

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