Alessi AR-1 Supercar

CARBARN | Alessi AR-1 Supercar | Alessi Fiberglass Inc. a US-based company engaged in the fiber, is trying to "farm" by the presentation of new super sports car called the AR-1.  Length 4521 mm, width 2083 mm, height 1092 mm and 2692 mm Wheelbase: To use a chassis made of steel and fiberglass body with dimensions. Car design is unique, since the middle of the back like a hood on the engine room behind the Italian super sports cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini see can be opened.

For entertainment and convenience only mounted monitor that serves a menu activated radio, DVD and navigation systems and air conditioners. A reliable power supply for the AR-1 engine with aluminum block in the Corvette, V8 LS3 6.3-liter with 600 rpm and 786 rpm power PS@6.200 Nm@3.700. Ability was the same as the Ferrari 458 Italy 570 hp and 570 hp Lamborghini Superleggera Power Galardo.

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