Concept 2012 Italdesign Brivido


CARBARN | Concept 2012 Italdesign Brivido | Aluminum, carbon fiber, and glass are the materials define the Brivido That's exterior. The windscreen, roof, rear window, door and large windows form a glass dome That lets natural light pour into the passenger compartment. The rest of the solutions are perfectly applicable for vehicles destined for the market. The rear passengers , specifically, can access without having to Their seats duck down or lower the front backrests.  The side view is dominated by the specially designed single door the which uses glass as a genuine structural element This allows all occupants to access the passenger compartment at the same time.

As on the Structura prototype, this feature offers the driver when maneuvering Increased visibility as s / he can easily see the pavement to the side of the car. At the same time this allows the rear occupants to enjoy great visibility outside. The Volkswagen Group's Electronics Research Lab (ERL) in California collaborated with IDG to develop and build the electronics and interactive displays for the Brivido. The ERL also helped to create the climate and comfort controls in the which the driver and passengers can access the "Basic" and "Extended" features on a capacitive touchscreen. Enhancing the Transition Between these modes, physical buttons emerge from the control surface when needed, and hide away when not needed.

Technology, roominess, ergonomic design, comfort, and luxury are the watchwords That characterize the interior trim of the Brivido. The dashboard is structured symmetrically for both driver and passenger. Key information is displayed on the two LCD monitors housed inside two binnacles, one located behind the steering wheel and the other above the iPad dock. This allows the passenger to access the same information as the driver (journey, speed, rpm, etc.) Italdesign Giugiaro has its specific Patented steering column design.

The main controls are housed on two touch-sensitive panels on the spokes of the steering wheel. The left-hand panel is used to operate the infotainment system, the lights and the graphic interface on the dashboard, while the right-hand panel is used to manage the climate control system settings. The dashboard on the passenger side houses the IPAD system integration. On the tablet, the Brivido application allows the passenger to control the media, navigation, and access online content from his or her lap.

In line with the current fashion trends, the understated elegance Brivido exudes an. The front seats are asymmetrical with a cushion overhanging the door sill on the outer sides. The sides of the rear seats houses an LED system Easier That makes entry in low visibility by optically Following the design of the seats. Wearing them allows passengers to watch a movie, or access travel information, by connecting to the Brivido's cameras, watch the road.

The tunnel accommodates That the fourteen buttons activate all the main controls (door opening, parking brake, stability control system, lights) and the 8-speed automatic transmission, as well as contains the classic storage compartments and cup holders. The display in the middle of the dashboard replicates key information on the climate control system, fuel consumption, and the hybrid system configuration. New touchscreen technology and the experience of high-quality rocker switches come together to create a new control system.

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