Acura NSX (2013)

CARBARN | Acura NSX (2013) | The 2013 Acura NSX, the which hit Detroit like an atom bomb to automotive steals the show, is going to production, Honda says. Now, Honda has committed to building the 2013 Acura NSX concept and has given more details about how That Will Happen. Plus a new video explains a few more details 2013 Acura NSX on this awesome concept's drive train. Honda's Acura hit a bull's eye square when They unveiled the 2013 Acura NSX Concept at the North American International Auto Show this year.

The 2013 Acura NSX will feature all-wheel drive with Acura Perhaps learning a lesson from rivals Audi, who's perfected the idea. The dynamically-styled 2013 Acura NSX Concept Gives an indication of the next great performance vehicle from the Acura brand. Making use of lightweight materials and a mid-mounted V-6 engine, the 2013 Acura NSX Concept employs Several new technologies for Acura, Including application of innovative new Acura's SH-AWD Hybrid Sport (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) hybrid system.

The 2013 Acura NSX specs utilizing a unique 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit with a Bilateral Adjustable Torque Control System, the all-new hybrid all-wheel-drive system can instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering Acura anticipates the new SH-AWD Sport Hybrid will deliver unmatched handling performance by previous AWD systems.

"Like the first NSX, we will again express high performance engineering through efficiency," added Ito, WHO led the development of the Acura NSX's first supercar. Meanwhile, the 2013 Acura NSX price will be started from $ 32.895 - $ 37.995.

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