Volvo XC90 (2013)

CARBARN | Volvo XC90 (2013) | VOLVO will finally unveil its long-overdue replacement for the decades-old XC90 in 2013, with sales projected to commence in Australia within a year after that. Underpinned by an entirely new modular vehicle designed and engineered base in Sweden and known as SPA - for Scalable Platform Architecture - Volvo's second-generation seven-seater luxury SUV will also sire replacement every model from the S60 upwards. That will eventually include the next XC60 mid-size SUV, plus V70 wagon and S80 luxury sedan successors in the pipeline for a mid-decade debut, when the latter will be known as the S90 or S100 event due to its larger overall dimensions and visual similarity to the Concept Universe / You show cars of this year.

That Mr Monturo hinted XC90 while the next key will not follow competitors by growing in overall size, It Might offer best-in-class packaging due to a larger and longer cabin made possible by new four-cylinder hybrid drivetrains. Dramatically reduced fuel consumption and emissions will be the Upshot of the latter, helped along by the introduction of eight (or more) speed transmissions, improved aerodynamics and significantly reduced mass. The current XC90 2200kg tops in some guises. "I think with the global economic crisis and environment issues with Etcetera, size is not as Important as a total package," said Mr Monturo.

Because I think it is a 'just right' SUV from a size standpoint. " The senior Volvo executives also refuted Speculation That having 'only four cylinders' will hurt the XC90 in some markets like the USA and Australia. "I think by the time That car gets to market there will be a big conversation in the category about what constitutes power.  With yet another round of minor changes coming during 2012 to help keep the old-timers fresh, Mr. Monturo Underlined the importance of the XC90 to Volvo since Sweden's largest car-maker's 'independence' from Ford, as well as the intervening years before the Newcomer docks.

While he would not comment on reports That Ford purposely neglected to develop a successor to the big SUV Because it intended to save money by offloading Volvo as Quickly as possible as part of Ford's reorganization under CEO Alan Mulally in 2006, it is clear That devising an Immediately XC90 replacement has been a priority for the Swedish top brass. "Customers still love it ... and it was Certainly something when we got here we were Grateful to have," Mr Monturo admitted, in reference to his defection to Volvo from the Volkswagen Group alongside CEO Stefan Jacoby in the wake of Geely's purchase from Ford in August 2010. "It's still an extremely Important model for us," Mr Monturo added.

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