Toyota 4Runner (2012)

CARBARN | Toyota 4Runner (2012) | The 2012 Toyota 4Runner will be a visual repeat of the 2011 4Runner except for a possible new color choice or two. The 4Runner's classic styling compliments-SUV engineering, in the which a wagon body attaches to a separate truck-type frame. Toyota's product portfolio is Diverse enough to accommodate both the 4Runner and the softer-natured 2012 Toyota Highlander, a midsize seven-seat crossover SUV off-road with no pretense but friendlier on-road manners. Size wise, the 2012 4Runner will continue to fall roughly in the middle of the midsize-SUV class.

The 2012 4Runner's interior design should continue to Reflect its exterior character, with blocky shapes and oversized control knobs. Expect the 2012 4Runner lineup to again consist of three models. The 2012 4Runner Trail model should return visually distinguished by front and rear bumpers contoured to more easily clear off-road obstacles. Remaining atop the line should be the 2012 4Runner Limited model with chrome grillework and 20-inch alloy wheels fancier than the other models' 17s. The 2012 Toyota 4Runner is Likely to mirror the mechanical features of the 2011 4Runner.

Expect horsepower and torque to REMAIN 270 278 pound-feet. Toyota 4Runner's available Wisely discontinued four-cylinder engine in model-year 2011. Tow ratings for the 2012 4Runner will REMAIN Likely an unremarkable 5.000 pounds or so. Key rivals 4Runner V-8s offer with a minimum of 388 pound-feet of torque for better all-around acceleration and more power trailering. Expect the 2012 4Runner's road manners to continue to the make concessions to its traditional-SUV design.

The truck-tough solid rear axle can not match the typical crossover's all-independent suspension for ride comfort and control. And the 4Runner's bluff body shape compromises directional stability in strong crosswinds. 4Runner's old-school-SUV philosophy pays dividends once you leave the pavement, however. Unlike crossovers, the which are based on Typically front-wheel-drive engineering and employ light-duty all-wheel-drive systems, the 4Runner's authentic-SUV design defaults to rear-wheel drive and uses 4wd to share power with the front wheels. In fact, the 4Runner SR5 and Trail models have a rather elementary 4wd system in the which the driver pulls a floor lever to engage the front wheels.

Expect "full-time" 4wd to REMAIN reserved for the 4Runner Limited model. Regardless of the system, all 4wd 4Runners 2012 will again invite real off-roading thanks to separate low-range gearing and Toyota's Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) system. Expect the 2012 standard-equipment list to again include air conditioning, a tilt / telescope steering wheel, power locks, and power windows - Including That power tailgate window. 4Runner's second-row folding bench seat is split 40/20/40 and has a reclining backrest. Seven-passenger seating is available on V-6 models via an optional folding third-row 50-50 bench. The 2012 4Runner Trail and Limited models should again expand on the SR5's standard equipment list by adding steering-wheel audio controls, USB interface for iPods, and Bluetooth phone connectivity and music-streaming. The 2012 4Runner Limited will return with keyless entry and pushbutton start standard; it'll also feature Toyota's X-REAS suspension automatically adjusts That shock-absorber damping over bumps or when cornering.

Expect all 2012 4Runners to retain fuel-tank skid plates. 2012 Toyota 4Runner will not announce prices until Shortly before the vehicle goes on sale. But based on this SUV's history, expect a 2012 Toyota 4Runner base price range of roughly $ 31,000 - $ 41.500. Toyota's fee for the 2011 4Runner was $ 810. Estimated starting price for the 2012 Toyota 4Runner SR5 is $ 31,000 with 2WD and $ 33,000 with 4wd. (Note That the discontinued four-cylinder 4Runner was Offered only as a 2WD SR5 model and started around $ 28.300.) The 2012 Toyota 4Runner Trail model will be priced from an estimated $ 37,000. Estimated starting price for the 2012 Toyota 4Runner Limited is $ 39,000 with 2WD and $ 41.500 with 4wd.

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