Opel Allegra (2012)

CARBARN | Opel Allegra (2012) | Will bring the Opel Allegra, also known as Vauxhall Junior, aka Opel New Small, at the end of 2012 at a price of 8.000 euros on the market. The Opel is to small to Compete against the VW Up. The amputated body behind the doors of the current Corsa is still no indication of the look of the Opel Allegra.

Could the drive as an option but the Opel Allegra in Addition to conventional fuel-efficient diesel and petrol units as a pure electric vehicle (BEV - battery electric vehicle) and come in a hybrid version on the market. Smallest "burner" is then a one-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. Back in 2004, with Opel Trixx Had Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, a small car concept.  The chief opponent of the Opel Allegra / Junior is the VW Up: the 2012 series models Will Compete with front engine and front wheel drive. Considered safe, a two-and four-door car, a van version is just as feasible as a pure e-version and a cross-Up forOpel Allegra.

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