Nissan Tiida

CARBARN | Nissan Tiida | Nissan Motor premiered an all-new hatchback model at the 2011 Auto Shanghai. Will this new model be the new generation Nissan Tiida in China.The Nissan Tiida hatchback, introduced in China in 2005 from Dongfeng Nissan, is a pioneer in the compact hatchback market in China, selling 85.000 units in 2010. Sold globally in 165 countries, the Nissan Tiida is the best-selling model in the current Nissan product lineup. The all-new Nissan Tiida is targeted toward young families quality life WHO value.

Nissan Will also be the first Japanese automaker to introduce a turbo-charged engine in the Chinese market, with the introduction of the new Tiida's turbo series. Interior design is developed using another keyword - 'Calm & Refined'. With a comfortable interior to embrace the driver and passengers, an elegant and precisely-crafted meter, a floating center cluster, and wide, super-soft armrests, the car provides premium space offering comfortable feeling in driving.

Driving comfort is also realized by soft, comfortable seats with low vibration about the which Brings During fatigue less driving. Installed is a reliable, easy-to-handle, fuel-efficient engines Nissan HR16DE the which has been employed in a number of Nissan vehicles. Select models of the all-new Nissan Tiida fully meet the stringent third phase fuel-efficiency requirements in China (draft data Issued in November 2009).

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