Lotus City Car (2014)

CARBARN | Lotus City Car (2014) | Lotus is in high gear, Attempting to fill in every gap of Their "five year, five model" plan. So much so, in fact, that They are even stepping away from Their sports car roots and developing a city car to rival the new Aston Martin Cygnet.  The move to develop a city car That stems from the fact Lotus did not feel confident going against the Mini, BMW, and Audi in the small car segment.

Our car Will be an EV or range extended EV and Will offer performances of no other small car.The future city car Lotus Will be Offered as a first Proton, but Will be easily adapted to a Lotus platform the time comes. The Lotus version Will be more expensive than the Proton, a Lotus Says Move That Will be justified in the additions to the car. The Lotus City Car Will be a production version of the Ethos concept unveiled at the Paris Auto Show.

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