Alfa Romeo TZ3 (2012)


CARBARN | Alfa Romeo TZ3 (2012) | Announced recently Zagato Alfa Romeo TZ3 Will Produce a special series of limited production. Zagato is very different than the TZ3 TZ3 Corsa the which Appeared last year. To be taken from the base Zagato Alfa Romeo 8C. Dodge Viper Base Zagato arises Because using a 8.4-liter V10 engine powered Viper That's PS 612.

By dimensional, two-seater car rear wheel was also present longer, Wider, and heavier than the TZ3 Corsa.Velg 18 inch pinned in the car to help the performance of the machine and wrapped by Pirelli PZero tires-quality property with the between different dimensions rear and front wheels, to the front 245/645/R18 and 285/645/R18 to the rear wheels.

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